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Important things to remember in Polity Making of constitution

Polity is very important for different exams from SSC exam to other exams. We have tried to compile Useful facts of Polity a candidate must remember in exams like SCC and other government exams.Here we are provided you all the details for Important things to remember in Polity Making of constitution.

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Facts to remember In the making of constitution for SSC exams and other government exams.

  • The idea of constitution assembly was first time discussed by Indian in Swaraj vidheyak(1896)-by Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  • In 1924 during Nehru report again constitution making was discussed
  • In 1934 a standard suggestion to work out constitution making body came into light by –MN roy
  • In 1935 Indian National Congress officially adopted this in their demands
  • The demand for the assembly was in principle accepted in 1940 in August offer.
  • In 1946 constitutional assembly was formed under Cabinet mission(sir p lawrrance and Stanford cripps were part of it)
  • The total strength was decided 389-296 by british province and 93 by princely states
  • The first meeting was held on 9th dec 1946
  • The first president of the meeting was Sacchinand Singha by following French convention for elder most person in the assembly
  • In next meeting on 11th of dec President was made to Rajendra Prasad
  • 13th Dec 1946 first Objective resolution was put before assembly by Jawahar lal Nehru
  • Assembly also worked as legislative assembly but when it assemble as Legislative assembly it was headed by G.V Malvamkar
  • It took 2 years 12 months and 18 days to complete the constitution
  • Finally constitution was made on 26th nov1949
  • The final session for the constitution assembly held In 24 jan 2950
  • Applied on 26th January 1950
  • Assembly plays some very important role in doing other things too like;-
  • Making part of common wealths
  • Adopted National Flag on 22 july 1947
  • Adopted National anthem on January 24, 1950
  • Adopted National song on on January 24, 1950

Important committees in Constitution assembly 

  • Union power Committee- Jawahar Lal Nehru
  • Union Constitution Committee- Jawahr lal Nehru
  • Provincial Constitution Committees- Sardar Vallabhai Patel
  • Advisory Committee on Fundamental rights and minority affairs- Sardar Vallabhai Patel-1)Sub- Committee on fundamental rights- JV kriplani-  2)Sub- Committee on minority rights-H.C Mukherjji
  • Rules of procedure Committee- Dr. Rajendra Prasad
  • Drafting Committee- Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar
  • States Committee(for negotiation with states)-Jawahar lal Nehru
  • Steering Committees- Jawahar lal Nehru

Total referenced countries were 60 and the total expenditure was 64 Lakhs

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Making of Constitution Details

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