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Set of general knowledge questions on Polity mock test questions.

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Q–1 The fundamental Duties of a citizen include

      (1)    Respect for the constitution, the National Flag and Anthem

      (2)    To protect the environment

      (3)    To protect the public property

      (4)    To develop scientific temper


(A)       1 and 2

(B)       2 and 4

(C)       3 only 4

(D)       1, 2, 3 and 4


Q –2 With reference to union government, consider the following statements:

      (1)    The constitution of India shall provides that all Cabinet Ministers shall be compulsorily sitting members of Lok Sagha only.

     (2)    The union Cabinet Secretariat operates under the direction of the ministry of Parliament Affairs.

         Which of the statements given above is/are correct:

(A)       only 1

(B)       only 2

(C)       Both 1 and 2

(D)       Neither 1 nor 2


Q–3  Who said that “preamble to the constitution of India is its spirit and back”?

(1)       Justice P. N Bhagwati

(2)       Justice R. C Lahoti

(3)        Justice Y. V Chandracherd

(4)       Justice krishna Iyer


Q–4 “Preamble of our constitution is of extreme importance and the constitution should be read and interpreted in the light of the grand and noble vision expressed in the preamble”.

The observation was made by chief justice sikh incase of

(A)        A. K Gopalan V State of Madras

(B)            Berubari case.

(C)           Keshwanand Bharati State of Kerla

(D)        S. R Bommai vs Union of India.


Q–5  Which are the following is liberal-intellectual principles enshrined in Indian constitution.

      (A)       To secure for all citizens a uniform civil code throughout the country.

      (B)       To provide early childhood care and education for all the children.

      (C)       To organize agriculture and animal husbandry on modern scientific lines.

      (D)       To separate the Judiciary from the executive in the public services of the state.

      Select correct statements

(A)       2 and 4

(B)       1 and 4

(C)       1, 2 and 3

(D)       All of the above.


Q–6  Consider the following features of Indian Constitution.

      (1)    The constitution establishes a dual polity which consists of the union at the centre and states at the periphery.

      (2)    The constitution of India defines the organization, powers and limitations of both central and state governments.

      (3)    The Indian Constitution provides the Independent judiciary headed by the Supreme Court to settle disputes between center and the states or between the states.

      Choose correct statements:

(A)       only 1

(B)       1 and 2 only

(C)       1, 2 and 3

(D)       only 2


Q–7  Under which of the following Articles laws inconsistent or abridging fundamental rights are declared void?

(A)       Article 12

(B)       Article 13

(C)       Article 11

(D)       Article 21


Q–8  Which one of the following doctrines is NOT related to Article 13 of the Indian Constitution. 

(1) Doctrine of Severatrility

      (2) Doctrine of waiver

      (3) Doctrine of pith and substance

      (4) Doctrine of eclipse


(A)       only 2 and 3

(B)       only 1 and 4

(C)       none

(D)       only 3


Q–9  A law of central government which prohibits private coaching by teachers of universities and degree college is

(A) violate ire of the right to profession

(B) a reason able restriction on the right to profession.

(C) not reasonable restriction on the right to profession.

(D) none of the above


Q –10  Consider the following statement

      (1)    The Supreme Court has held that euthanasia is not legal in India.

      (2)    Right to life does not include right to die.

      (3)    Right to live with dignity is embodied under Article 21

      Choose correct statement

(A)  only 3

(B)  only 1 and 2

(C)  only 1 and 3

(D)   all the above


Polity mock test Solutions F-

  1. Ans– (D)explanation– Article 51 (a)
  2. Ans– (D)explanation– For the post of cabinet minister a person has to attend the membership within 6 months from the date he is appointed. Cabinet Secretarial operates from PM office.
  3. Ans– (A)explanation– Justice P. N Bhagwati was a Supreme Court chief Justice.
  4. Ans– (C)explanation– Keshvanand Bharati case was decided by 13 Judges bench is concidered as a landmark in the history of constitution.
  5. Ans– (D)explanation– Liberal intellectual principles are enodied under dire the principles of state policy i.e Article 44, 45 and Article 48.
  6. Ans– (C)explanation– Constitution of India clearly demarcated the whole structure of government.
  7. Ans– (B)explanation– Article 13
  8. Ans– (D) explanation– Doctrine of pith and substance is apply, when a law dealing with a subject in one list touching on a subject in another list literal meaning is objects/purpose and its effects and scope
  9. Ans– (C)explanation– Government could curtail some right of its citizen for the larger public interest supported by reasonable classification?
  10. Ans– (D) explanation– Right to die is not included under Article 21, rather it is punishable if attempted in India.

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