UPSC Previous Year Paper


UPSC Previous Year  Paper (2009-2015)

UPSC previous year paper is necessary and plays a very important role in preparation of UPSC examination. For clearing the UPSC examination there are several things candidate should keep in mind like effective and core study with proper planning and this also include study of UPSC previous year  paper with good care.

Importance of UPSC previous year paper:-

Well knowing the fact that UPSC prelims are so near there is very vital role these UPSC previous year  paper

  • help in examining the candidate himself that preparation is going in right direction or not!
  • Help in building motivation for entering the UPSC examination
  • Try to help in feeling the cores of UPSC examination
  • It also help candidates to know the exam pattern UPSC has been following
  • Gives an opening to thoughts how the question are asked.

How to prepare  previous year  paper?

  • Candidates are required to go through once very thoroughly through the paper.
  • The   paper presented here are very uniquely arranged in to topic wise manner so after practicing the papers you should mark the topic in which your performance is not matching up to good and revise the topics particularly
  • Candidate also can observe the favorite topics from the UPSC previous year paper and try to focus on those topics
  • Observe options too and try to make questions of them and find their answers.

So here is UPSC previous Year  paper for geography from year 2009-2016.

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lets study together will also be uploading remaining year question papers soon.

Thank you and all the best and lets study together.