UPSC notification for civil service examination is out soon and with being mere handfull days around for the exam. Some of candidate might have started to worry and would be trying hard with vague PLANNING. But we at letsstudytogether after a extensive research have designed solution for you and i.e. our series of updates about UPSC STRATEGY(For prelims)

You may find it helpful -Best books for UPSC CSE

Areas which trap the candidates in opting bad strategy:-

After doing extensive survey and research for UPSC strategy our team has concluded the reasons for being  UPSC  considered as the rocket science. Here we are listing them:-

  • Guidance –guidance is the thing which decides the strategy. There is lot of(and that means a lot of)material and strategy selling people who sell or tell which favours them. So here we are with a complete guidance (in form of UPSC STRATEGY) by the virtue of our experiences and research.
  • Competition– there is data that says that around 8 to 10 lacks opt for UPSC every year. So the race comes down to the selection of 3 candidates from 100. So to get edge over competition more sincere effort is need of the hour.
  • Study here study is smart study. This area is the honey pot to get trapped in vicious cycle of getting your morale down. Here the need to work is “efficient and effective strategies” not only study.
  • Mythsthere are several myths like myth no.1 there are lot of murmuring about a boy who didn’t studied hard, he use to study only on some days but he got passed because for passing exam you need to be confident( i.e. overconfidence)  Myth no 2 you can pass UPSC just by studying around exams.  These both are lie.

Both cases are myths so be true to your work and study.

Solution –  UPSC STRATEGY  should be sharp and effective and should include following :-

  • Belief –believe in yourself
  • Right books- choose right books because books are the virtues which will make your answer right.
  • Revision- whatever once read should be revised regularly.
  • Mock questions- attempt mock question as many as possible. It will make you learn faster and will sharpen your decision making in prelims.

You can also see-UPSC CSE Toppers geography handwritten notes for last time revision.


  • First of all collect the right books and for history these are NCERT of 10th and 11th ,modern India history spectrum, G.k lucent ,R.S SHARMA old NCERT, ART and CULTURE notes

  1. What to read from NCERT? Ans.   Pretty much all just focus more on INDIAN SCHOOL OF  PHILOSOPHY,BUDDHISM,JAINISM,SULTANAT PERIOD AND WORK OF GANDHI.

  2. What to read from spectrum?Ans.  In spectrum please focus on chapters in end. Famous personalities go name by name ,all the acts specially after 1857, congress sessions their agenda and chair, peasant and tribe movement and governor generals and their main work.

  3. What to read from lucent? Ans. Vijay Nagar Empire all the question from this empire or empire around this time has come directly from statements of this book.

  4. What and from where to read CULTURE notes? Ans. we find art and culture NCERT but we will suggest for our notes too. For visual art go to official art and culture website of government of India.

For buying books relate to history click on these:-A Brief History of Modern  Indiair?t=devdabar 21&l=am2&o=31&a=8179305171General Knowledgeir?t=devdabar 21&l=am2&o=31&a=9384761540Indian Art and Culture by Nitin Singhania with Free Car Anti Slip Mat (McGraw Hill Education; first edition (11 January 2015))ir?t=devdabar 21&l=am2&o=31&a=B01MDMQNYH

These are the main question for history and their answers are strategy for history. Any more queries you can ask us. For other subjects we will be giving strategies too so follow them.

Thank you and All the best to all

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