UPSC covers many different examination we here are only covering UPSC civil service examination. UPSC book list listed here is combination of fundamental books and reference books for the convenience of candidates.

Books tagged as “fundamental books” will be highly useful to build your basics and are compulsory to built basics. Once you are thorough with these basic books, if you have time, you can check ‘reference books’ for additional knowledge.


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History, art & culture




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Economics lecture Series

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Economics lecture series-part 2 Economics lecture series-part 5
Economics lecture series-part 3 Economics lecture series-part 6

UPSC book list listed here are based on feedback from many aspirants as well as selected candidates. We will keep updating this page if any worth book or material appear in market.

Fundamental UPSC book list:-

History books:-

  1. Geography books:-NCERT OF 11TH  and 12th
  2. History Of Modern India – Bipan Chandra.
  3. India’s Struggle For Independence – Bipan Chandra.
  4. India’s Ancient Past – R.S. Sharma.
  5. History Of Medieval India – Satish Chandra.

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  1. NCERT OF 6th to 12th
  2. Geography of India – Majid Husain.
  3. Oxford School Atlas – Oxford.
  4. Certificate Physical and Human Geography – Goh Cheng Leong.

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Polity book:-

  1. Indian Polity for Civil Services Examinations – M. Laxmikanth.

Economy books:-

  1. NCERT 11th and 12th
  2. Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh. (Economy)
  3. Economic survey
  4. Let’s study together economics series.

Environment notes:-

  1. IGNOU Notes of environment studies.

Science and tech:-

  1. NCERT of biology
  2. Current technology in news.
  3. Science & Technology

India year book (GOI)

C-SAT books :-

  1. CSAT Paper – 2 Manual by TMHor CSAT-II – Arihant
  2. Analytical Reasoning – M. K. Pandey 
  3. Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning – R. S.Aggarwal

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Other must read books for mains:-

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