NCERT Books Download in Hindi /English

NCERT books, books of CBSE board we study in our school times. Today every exam   from “UPSC” the pioneer exam to Grade 3 exam there is something common and that is general study in the syllabus. To clear general studies one have to read NCERT Books.

NCERT books are bible for the subjects they are firm truths about the subject. Every website comes up with article like best book for UPSC, SSC, and BANK PO and even we have published it too. But some of them focus on the core books and those are NCERT books.

Importance of NCERT books-

  • These books provide inputs for most of the recognized exam from medical exams to civil exams, bank exams, PCSs pretty much every exam held by the Government.
  • These books covers a significant part of the syllabus for general studies
  • NCERT books are written in a very simple and lucid style so can be easily understood
  • These books give you conceptual clarity on the subject. These explain the subject from very core with the help of diagram, picture and yeah very simple examples
  • NCERT books are basic books to any subject from sociology to environment, economics, history, polity etc.
  • If you observe the past papers like UPSC civil services examination you will find that good amount of questions have been asked directly from the NCERTs.

How to download NCERT books-

For downloading NCERT books from internet you should always download from authenticate website of NCERT. Before it was a website simply you go there and download it but it has been disabled now a new website is there and to download follow the steps described below.

  1. First stage-  enter this URL in your browser and you will be directed to screen displayed below.


  1. Second stage:- see the 4 options on the tab of select class, select subject and select book title and go. Each icon is explained in the image. At this stage select class for example we need NCERT of class 5 select that and enter


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  1. Third stage- after selecting the class in second stage now select subject you want . lets say after choosing class 5 we want book of environmental studies so click on it.

  1. Fourth stage – we have chosen the subject now is the time to select the title of the book. Now reader keep in mind in titles of books the names of books are written in English but they include both name of Hindi and English as well as. Like you will be seeing two names as Aas paas(hindi book title) and looking around(English book title)


  1. Fifth stage- after feeling up required fields click on go button. Clicking on Go button you will be directed to a page where chapter wise tab will be given and by choosing chapters you can see the chapter you want. If you want to download the chapter; click on as described in image below.

  1. Final stage- after seeing chapter wise if you want to download book fully you click on download complete book as epub in the last to chapters tab.


Download the subject and class you want and study.

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Thank you and all the best.

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