Indian polity questions and answers

Polity a subject which includes lots of facts so candidates opt for ratta maro hahah most of us do that but there is certainly a solution and that is attempt as much as mock questions so we had designed Indian polity questions and answers.

Candidates are required to attempt questions carefully and see the logic behind the answers. We are choosing one of the top Indian polity questions and answers that are asked before or that can be asked now after a extensive research.

Top Indian polity questions and answers


Q –1 Which of the following authority regarding the comptroller and Auditor General of India is responsible for the Audit of the accounts of.               

     (1)      The Union Government                              

     (2)     The State Government    

     (3)     The Government of U.T 

     (4)     any other authority or body as may be prescribed by or under any law made by parliament.     Select the correct statements. describing CAG function given above   

(A)    1 and 3

(B)     only 1

(C)     1, 2 and 3

(D)    All of the above

Ans– (D)

explanation– Article 149 speaks CAG Duty and power.


Q –2 Which of the following regarding comptroller and Auditor general (CAG) is NOT correct.

     (1)   Comptroller and Auditor General advice the accounts of the union and of the states in such form the president may prescribe.

     (2)   The report of the Accounts audit related to the union shall be submitted to the president by CAG.

     (3)   The report of the CAG of India relating to the accounts of state shall be submitted to the president of India 

     Select not correct statements.

(A)     1 and 3

(B)     3 only

(C)     None

(D)    only 2

Ans– (B)

explanation– the reports of the comptroller and Auditor General of India related to the Audit of State government is submitted to the Governor Article 151 (2).


Q –3 Consider the following statements. 

     (1)      The comptroller auditor General India take oath or affirmation according to the form set out for the purpose in the third schedule.

     (2)      Comptroller and auditor General of India can be removed from office in like manner and on the like grounds as a every judge of the supreme court.

     (3)      The administrative expenses of the office of the comptroller and Auditor General shall be charred upon the consolidated fund of India. 

     Which of the following statements regarding CAG given above is correct

(A)     1 only

(B)     2 only

(C)     2 and 3

(D)    All of the above

Ans– (D)

explanation– Article 148 describes CAG composition qualification etc.


Q –4 Which article of the constitution mention the union list, state list and concurrent list? 

(A)     Article 246

(B)     Article 247

(C)     Article 245

(D)    Article 249.

Ans– (A)

explanation– Article 246.

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Q –5 A law made by parliament having extra-territorial operation shall 

(A)     not be deemed invalid.

(B)     be deemed invalid.

(C)     be deemed ultra vires.

(D)     be deemed unconstitutional.

     Ans– (A)

explanation– Parliament is conferred with this power.


Q –6 Which of the following statements regarding the creation of state is correct? 

     (1)     Andhra Pradesh created by the state of Andhra Pradesh Act, 1953 by carving out some areas from state of madras.

     (2)      Nagaland was carved out from the state of Assam by the state of Nagaland Act 1963.

     (3)      Himachal Pradesh was elevated to the status of State by the state by the state of Himachal Pradesh Act, 1971.  

     (4)      Arunachal Pradesh received the status of state in 1972.

(A)     1 and 2

(B)     1, 2 and 3

(C)     3 and 4

(D)    2 and 3.

Ans— (B)

explanation– Arunachal Pradesh conferred the states of U.T in 1972 and statehood in 1987.


Q –7 In which of the following ways can Indian citizenship be acquired?  

(A)     By descent

(B)     by naturalization

(C)     By registration

(D)    All of these.

Ans– (D)

explanation– Article 5 to 11 in India constitution related with citizenship.


Q –8 The constitution of India recognizes 

     (1)     only religious minorities.

     (2)     only linguistic minorities.

     (3)     only ethnic minorities.

     (4)     Religious and linguistic minorities. 

     Select the correct answer 

(A)    only 1 and 3

(B)     only 2 and 3

(C)     only 4

(D)    only 3.

Ans— (C)

explanation– Article 29 and 30 recognizes linguistic and religious minorities.


Q –9 Why the rights included in part III of the constitution considered as a fundamental rights?

     (1)     These are basic human rights.    

     (2)     They are superior to ordinary law. 

     (3)     They are equally available to citizens and aliens. 

     (4)     They are not absolute.  


(A)    2 and 4

(B)     1, 3 and 4

(C)     3 and 4

(D)    1 and 2.

Ans– (C)

explanation– Fundamental rights are reflected in ordinary laws as well. fund am ental rights are not absolute they are subjected  to some restriction rationale.

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Q –10  Which of the following fundamental rights are available to Indian citizens but not to aliens?

     (1)      Equality before law. 

     (2)     Freedom of speech and expression.

     (3)     Article 29 and 30.

     (4)     Protection of life and liberty.


(A)    1 and 2

(B)     2 and 3

(C)     1 and 4

(D)    All of these

Ans– (B)

explanation– Article 15, 16, 19 29 and 30 exclusively are for Indian citizen only.

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