UPSC CSE Prelims Strategy:

Prelims on the way!
Prelims is considered the toughest stage among other three stages of UPSC CSE. There will be lakhs of students sitting for this student and thousand will be selected for UPSC Mains so the elimination ratio is very high.

These 40 days before prelims are very crucial for the UPSC aspirant.

Now the time of core and gold digging (utilize every second of time) study is on the clock. Roll your sleeves aspirants this stage is bit tricky (upsc cse prelims) better equip yourself with every possible tool.

Trick with the prelims is it give you about accurate results within 3 to 4 days you can assume your result and start acting according to that, unlike mains you can never predict your result. How much marks you will get? Answer is received on the D day (mains result day) only.

To solve this huge wad of How to Clear UPSC CSE prelims?

We have come with UPSC CSE Prelims strategy for 40 days

Prelims strategy

Brush up your memory? Answer: – see below


Revision is the key to remember “perfectly and wholly” to the subject or topic itself. Revision should be done in a scientific manner, not hap hazardously. Select your subject and revise it topic wise every single minute point.

Que-How to stay away from boredom of revising basics books (mostly NCERTS) again and again?

Ans-Beat monotony by doing revision, swapping with current affairs or mock tests.

If you give each subject time proper time you can easily fish around all the material in available time.

Make notes:

Not extensive but quick slips(Farre :-p) that we usually make for our college exams. These must include the topics you are unable to remember, write them and keep them reading when ever you have few minutes during doing other things.


Every single minute should be utilized don’t waste them in enjoying and doing all time wasting stuff (:-p weekend parties) because later on this can be answer to your question of regret. Be like bees collecting honey from minute nectar collect every useful information by revision without losing time.

Quality target:

Make quality target i.e neither big nor small. Make targets and quantify them and check them.

Stop hollow dreaming:

Don’t waste time in day dreaming picturing yourself after selection, you have MORE important task.

Stop excuses:

Stop, from tomorrow habit (aaj nai kal se!).

Stop, there is ample time (Bhot time hain!) . there is very less time there is no tomorrow (aaj se nai toh fir nai)

See our subject wise revision strategy.

             History + Art & Culture                 Economics
  Geography +Environment & Ecology                 Polity


These above UPSC prelims strategy include mock and Previous year paper.


Lastly, “the harder the thing bigger the opportunity”:

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.-By Pele
Work hard and there are no shortcut of it.

We will be updating you with more essential articles in 40 days keep checking us.

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Thank you and all the best.

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