UPSC CSE Prelims:

The fast approaching time for  18 June the day of the examination for UPSC CSE Prelims, aspirants who were unable to study regularly are finding themselves in a trap.

Easy, aspirants we at LST after lots of research have come up with the smart strategy to cover the remaining syllabus by using smart tools like core and basics study.

There is no shortcut for the lost time but without wasting time in hue and cry for no less preparation we are offering the “solution”.

A complete solution which is effective and best choice to have. Try it

Strategy for Economics in UPSC CSE Prelims

:the most important topic in economics is economy survey but due to it’s lengthiness the smart move will be reading summary provided by many institution pick anyone and study.

Topics you must cover for economics before entering examination hall

Economics UPSC CSE prelims previous year papers

You must complete previous year paper with solutions it will be increasing your vocabulary for Economics and you will get confidence too.

Economics lecture Series

Economics lecture series- part1 Economics lecture series-part 4
Economics lecture series-part 2 Economics lecture series-part 5
Economics lecture series-part 3 Economics lecture series-part 6

Economics Practice questions

Economics quiz-A Economics quiz-D
Economics quiz-B Economics quiz-E
Economics quiz-C Economics quiz-F(coming soon)
Economics short notes for revision

By keeping mind the time you should be covering the core and most basic topics.

Candidates can also ask for book ,write us your email id we will be delivering you books pdf  as soon as we can.

We follow the motto live to learn, learn to live.

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Coming Soon:- 40-day strategy to crack UPSC CSE Prelims

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