UPSC Prelims:

With less than 45 days remaining, there are number of aspirants who haven’t prepared their subjects but are aspiring to clear UPSC prelims.

First of all there is no shortcut so that unprepared student can jump forward to who have prepared for the complete 1 or 2 years.

But there is a phenomenon i.e. efficient and smart study which will at least make you confident and increase your chances of attempting good number of question and ultimately pass prelims.

Topics Aspirant must cover for UPSC prelims

Strategy discussed here is just a “smart effort” to make you clear UPSC CSE prelims not a complete strategy so we have picked up core and most important topics you should on the articles you want to study.

Read NCERT of 11th and 12th

UPSC CSE topper’s geography notes for revision

National Parks:-

This topic has been most continuous topic to appear in Prelims but each year the question from national parks create problem for aspirants because questions asked from this topic varies very much from rivers in National parks to vegetation.

So we have come up with 6 articles which will cover every aspect of National parks

National Parks Part-1 National Parks Part-2
National Parks Part-3 National Parks Part-4
National Parks Part-5 National Parks Part-6

Environmental Organization:

Environmental organization from past 4 5 years is a hot topic which come moreor less in every exam and it is seen too that questions asked from this topic is increasing day by day.

So we have come up with concise and must notes.

Environmental treaties you must read

Important environment organization and conservation program

Essential miscellaneous articles:

There are many topics which carries much value than others so we have compiled some of the article to create an edge for you.

Ports in India

Nuclear power Plants in India
National Highways

National Waterways(Coming soon)

Previous Year papers

Candidates are required to complete the previous year UPSC prelims papers and also their explanations by doing this you will be increasing your arsenal power. :

UPSC prelims Geography  previous year papers

UPSC prelims Environment previous year papers

Geography and Environment questions for practice

“Practice makes you perfect” mocks will lets you prepare more topics and by solving them you will be confident before entering in examination hall.

Geography quiz-1

Geography quiz-2

Geography quiz-3

Geography quiz-4

Geography quiz-5

Geography quiz-6

Geography quiz-7


Environment quiz-1

Environment quiz-2

Environment quiz-3

There are more mocks but due to lack of time you must be doing these only.

We will be adding some articles if we come across the topic that is must for your UPSC Prelims.

Candidates can also ask for book write us your email id we will be delivering you books pdf  as soon as we can.

We follow the motto live to learn, learn to live.

Coming Soon:- 40-day strategy to crack UPSC Prelims



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