Joint Military Exercises of India 2023

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List of Joint Military Exercises of India 2022-23

As we all know, In a Joint Military Exercise, a country displays its Military strength be it through weapons or through the showcase of soldiers’ training it is an important point of International Relations where the country engages in Military Diplomacy in a show of strength. India over many years has participated in Joint Military Exercises with different countries across the world. Below the table, we share a List of Joint Military Exercises India conducted in the year 2023-

Defence Exercise Conducted by/Countries Location
List of Important Military Exercises January 2023
Trishakri Prahar Indian Army North Bengal
“Veer Guardian 2023” Air exercise India & Japan Japan
TROPEX 2023 Indian Navy Indian Ocean
Poorvi Akash Exercise Indian Air Force Northeast
PRALAY Indian Air Force Northeastern Part of India
AMPHEX 2023 Indian Navy Kakinada in Andhra Pradesh
Exercise Cyclone – I Indian and the Egyptian Army Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
21st VARUNA Naval Exercise India and France
List of Important Military Exercises December 2022
SURYA KIRAN-XVI Indo-Nepal Saljhandi (Nepal)
KAZIND – 2022 India-Kazakhstan Umroi, Meghalaya
7th edition of Exercise Sangam US-India Goa
Sudarshan Prahar Exercise Indian Army’s Sudarshan Chakra Corps Rajasthan
List of Important Military Exercises November 2022
Harimau Shakti -2022 India – Malaysia Pulai, Kluang, Malaysia
AUSTRA HIND 22 Indian Army and Australian Army Rajasthan
HADR Exercise Samanvay 2022 Indian Air Force Agra
Garuda Shakti 2022 India-Indonesia Karawang, Indonesia
Naseem Al Bahr-2022 Indian and the Royal Oman navies Oman
‘Prasthan’ an Offshore Security Exercise Indian Navy Mumbai
Malabar Naval Exercise India, Australia, Japan and USA Japan
List of Important Military Exercises October 2022
India-Mozambique-Tanzania Trilateral Exercise Tanzania
SIMBEX 2022 Maritime Exercise Singapore-India Visakhapatnam
Garuda VII Air exercise France and India Jodhpur
Tiger Triumph Indian, US Militaries Vishakhapatnam
PowerEX-2022 (Cyber Security Exercise) CERT-IN and Power-CSIRTs
Prasthan (Offshore Security Exercise) Indian Navy Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh
Multinational Joint Anti-Terror Exercise (JATE) National Security Guard (NSG) NSG Manesar Garrison
List of Important Military Exercises September 2022
Abhyas Drill India & U.S coast guards Chennai
JIMEX 2022 India-Japan Bay of Bengal
Gagan Strike Indian Army & India Air Force Punjab
List of Important Military Exercises August 2022
Vostok-2022 India, China, Belarus, Tajikistan, and Mongolia Russia
Vajra Prahar 2022 Indo-US Joint Special Forces Exercise Bakloh, Himachal Pradesh
Ex Skylight Indian Army Pan-India drill
Maritime Partnership Exercise (MPX) India Navy and France Navy North Atlantic Ocean
Pitch Black 2022 26 nations including India Northern Territory of Australia
AL NAJAH-IV India-Oman Foreign Training Node of Mahajan Field Firing Ranges in Rajasthan
Ex VINBAX 2022 India-Vietnam Chandimandir, Haryana
List of Important Military Exercises July 2022
Maritime Partnership exercise (MPX) India-Japan Andaman Sea
Rim of the Pacific 2022 (RIMPAC 2022) 26 nations including India Joint Base Pearl HarborHickam (JBPHH), a United States military base on the island of Oahu, Hawaii
List of Important Military Exercises June 2022

(38th India-Indonesia

coordinated patrol exercise)

India and Indonesia Andaman Sea and Malacca Strait
Khaan Quest 2022

multinational exercise

Mongolia and India Hosted by Mongolia,

Inaugurated by President

of Mongolia, Ukhnaagiin Khurelsukh

Sampriti-X India and Bangladesh Jashore Military Station in Bangladesh
List of Important Military Exercises May 2022
North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) Exercise

·         Defender Europe 2022 (DE22)

·         Swift Response 2022 (SR22)

Poland and 8 other countries

Exercise Swift Response is an annual U.S. Army Europe and Africa multinational training exercise

Eastern Europe, the Arctic High North, Baltics, and Balkans
Naval Exercise Bongosagar 2022 India and Bangladesh Port Mongla, Bangladesh
Coordinated Patrol (CORPAT) India and Bangladesh Northern Bay of Bengal, Indian Navy-Bangladesh Navy (IN-BN)
List of Important Military Exercises April 2022
Indian Ocean Naval Symposium (IONS maritime Exercise IMEX-22 Navies of Bangladesh, France, India and Iran Goa (Arabian sea)
Joint Training Exercise LAMITIYE-2022 India and Seychelles Seychelles Defense Academy
Naval Exercise VARUNA 2022 India & France Arabian Sea
Joint Special Forces Exercise ‘Khanjar 2022 India and Kyrgyzstan Special Forces Training School, Bakloh, Himachal Pradesh
Integrated Fire Power exercise exercise KRIPAN SHAKTI Conducted by The Indian Army’s Trishakti Corps Teesta Field Firing Ranges (TFFR), near Siliguri, West Bengal
List of Important Military Exercises March 2022
Dharma Guardian 2022 India and Japan Foreign Training Node, Belagavi (Belgaum, Karnataka)
Multilateral Military exercise Cold Response 2022 Conducted by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) Norway
offshore security exercise ‘Prasthan’ Conducted by Western Naval Command of India Offshore Development Area of ONGC, Mumbai
Bilateral Maritime Exercise SLINEX-21 Sri Lanka and India Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
Suraksha Kavach 2 Conducted by Indian Army’s “Agnibaaz Division” with Maharashtra Police Lullanagar, Pune
Joint training Exercise Dustlik (ExDustlik)-2022 India and Uzbekistan Yangiarik, Uzbekistan
List of Joint Military Exercises  February 2022
Air exercise Eastern Bridge-VI Indian and Oman Jodhpur, Air Force Station in Rajasthan
Sainya Ranakshetram –2021 Indian Army Indore
Biennial multilateral naval exercise MILAN 2022 Hosted by the Eastern Naval Command Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh & Indian Navy
List of Joint Military Exercises  January 2022
MILAN 2022 Multilateral naval exercise by the Indian Navy Indian Ocean region
Anti-Submarine Warfare

(ASW) Exercise Sea


Conducted by – USA & Participating Countries – US, Australia, Canada, India, Japan and South Korea Andersen Air Force Base,

Guam Island

Paschim Lehar 2022 aka XPL-22 Conducted by the Indian Navy Arabian Sea

List of Joint Military Exercises of India 2022-23 (Updated) – Download Free PDF

Joint Military Exercises of India 2021

Name of Exercise Participating Nations Conducted at
17th Edition of Ex Yudh Abhyas 2021 Indo-US Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson, Alaska in USA
EXERCISE AJEYA WARRIOR India-UK Chaubatia, Uttarakhand
JIMEX-21 India-Japan Arabian Sea
AUSINDEX India and Australia Northern Australia Exercise Area
‘Samudra Shakti’ Navies of India and Indonesia Sunda Strait, Indonesia
Mitra Shakti-21 India – Sri Lanka Combat Training School, Ampara in Sri Lanka
‘Surya Kiran’ India and Nepal Pithoragarh, Uttarakhand
4th ‘AUSINDEX’ Indian Navy and the Royal Australian Navy North Australian Exercise Area
‘SIMBEX-2021’ Singapore and India South China Sea
‘AL-MOHED AL-HINDI 2021’ India and Saudi Arabia Indian Navy and Royal Saudi Naval Force
‘Zayed Talwar Exercise 2021’ Navies of India and UAE Abu Dhabi
36th CORPAT Exercise India and Indonesia Indian Ocean region
‘TTX-2021’ India, Sri Lanka and the Maldives Maritime Warfare Centre, Mumbai
‘Samudra Setu-II’ Kolkata, Kochi, Talwar, Tabar, Trikand, Jalashwa and Airavat Indian Navy
Varuna 2021 Indian and French Navy Arabian Sea
Shantir Ogroshena 2021 India and Bangladesh Bangladesh & The theme of the exercise is “Robust Peace Keeping Operations”.
Vajra Prahar 2021 Indo-US Bakloh, in Himachal Pradesh
Passage Exercise (PASSEX) Indian Navy and the Indonesian Navy Arabian Sea
Iran-Russia Maritime Security Belt 2021 India, Iran, Russia & Chinese navy Indian Ocean
‘DUSTLIK II’ India and Uzbekistan Chaubatia near Ranikhet, Uttarakhand
Exercise Desert Flag-VI United States (US), France, South Korea, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Greece, Jordan, Kuwait and Egypt Al-Dhafra airbase, UAE
‘PASSEX Exercise’ Indian and Indonesian Arabian Sea
‘Iran-Russia Maritime Security Belt 2021’ Indian Navy joined Iran and Russia Northern Indian Ocean
TROPEX-21 Indian Navy, Indian Army, Coast Guard, and Indian Air Force Indian Ocean
16th Yudh Abhyas India and the United States Mahajan Field Firing Ranges of Bikaner district of Rajasthan
AMPHEX – 21 Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force Andaman and Nicobar group of islands
Indo-French Joint Exercise Desert Knight-21 Indian Air Force and French Air and Space Force Air Force Station of Jodhpur, Rajasthan
2nd Edition of ‘Sea Vigil-21’ Indian Navy, Customs, Coast Guard, and other maritime agencies Indian Navy

List of Joint Military Exercises of India 2020

Name of Exercise Participating Nations Conducted at
SIMBEX-20 Indian Navy and Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN) Andaman Sea
SITMEX-2020 India, Singapore, Thailand Andaman Sea
‘Bull Strike’ Elements of Indian Army’s Parachute Brigade, MARCOS (Marine Commando Force) and Special Forces Andaman and Nicobar Command (ANC)
Malabar-2020 India & Australia Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea
SLINEX-20 India & Sri Lanka Trincomalee, Sri Lanka
“Bongosagar” India-Bangladesh (Navy Bilateral Exercise) Bay of Bengal
PASSEX (Passage Exercise) India & Australia (Navy Bilateral Exercise) East Indian Ocean Region
Suraksha Kavach Maharashtra Police and Indian Army Lulla Nagar, Pune, Maharashtra
4th JIMEX 2020 India and Japan North Arabian Sea
EX Indradhanush – V 2020 Indian Air Force (IAF) and Royal Air Force (RAF) Air Force Station Hindon, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh
AJEYA WARRIOR 2020 India and the United Kingdom The United Kingdom
PASSEX (Passage Exercise) India & US (Navy Bilateral Exercise) Indian Ocean
Ajeya Warrior India and the United Kingdom (Military Drill) Salisbury Plains, the United Kingdom
DefExpo 2020 Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh
‘Sahyog-Kaijin’ India and Japan Chennai
MILAN 2020 Visakhapatnam
Matla Abhiyaan Coastal security exercise Kolkata, West Bengal
BIMSTEC disaster management exercise -2020 India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka & Myanmar Puri (Odisha)
SAMPRITI-IX India and Bangladesh UMROI, Meghalaya, India
Naseem Al Bahr India and Oman (Naval Exercise) Mormugao Port, Goa

Why is military exercise required?

  • Military exercise has become an imperative part of the armed forces all around the world. They serve many purposes like:
  • It trains soldiers in how to act, how to think, and how to work together in times of conflict.
  • The military exercise is a method to showcase the power and might to other countries of the world.
  • It also improves the coordination as well as cooperation among friendly militaries of the world.
  • It provides an opportunity to test the precision of weapons and devices.
  • Training for Natural Disasters and Humanitarian Relief.
  • Military exercises are conducted as it serves many purposes like counter-terrorism, low-intensity conflict operations at Counter-Insurgency etc.
  • Military exercises help Armed Forces to train themselves for Humanitarian Relief in case of Natural Calamity or Disaster.

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The Indian military exercises can be segregated into 3 categories:

  • Domestic exercise
  • Bilateral Exercise
  • Multilateral exercise

1. Domestic Military Exercises of India This exercise aims to improve internal engagements and there can be inter-services or intra-services depending on nature and its application. List of military domestic Military Exercises of India:

S. No. Exercise Name Remarks
1. GANDIV VIJAY Conducted by the Chetak corps of South Western Command of Indian Army in Mahajan field firing ranges of Rajasthan in May 2018. It was based on offensive operations through joint air-land battle in a network-centric environment employing modern technology.
2. VIJAY PRAHAR Conducted by the South Western Command of Indian Army. The month-long exercise was aimed to orchestrate a wide spectrum of threats which are planned to be tackled through high tempo joint air and land operation.
3. PASCHIM LEHAR-18 Tri-service maritime exercise, conducted by Indian Navy off western coast in the Arabian Sea. The exercise is aimed at improving the interoperability between the Indian Navy, Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and Coast Guard.
4. Vayu Shakti 2019 It is an Air Force Exercise conducted once in every 3 years. It was previously held in 2016 codenamed ‘Iron Fist’. It is a firepower demonstration exercise held at Pokhran, Rajasthan.
2. Bilateral Military Exercises of India: Bilateral Exercise as the name suggests, is a military exercise that takes place between two countries. An example would be the “Yudh Abhyas Exercise” between India & the US. Below we share some important Bilateral Military Exercises of India with different countries across the world.

Bilateral Military Exercises of Indian Army

S. No. Exercise Name Participant Nations
3. SAMPRITI Bangladesh
7. IMBAX-2017 Myanmar
9. GARUDA SHAKTI Indonesia
10. VINBAX-2018 Vietnam
11. EKUVERIN Maldives
12. INDRA Russia
14. AL NAGAH Oman
16. MAITREE Thailand
18. PRABAL DOSTYK Kazakhstan
21. LAMITIYE Seychelles
24. KHANJAR Kyrgyzstan

Bilateral Military Exercises of Indian Navy

25. SLINEX Sri Lanka
26. INDRA NAVY Russia
28. VARUNA France
30. Sahyog HOP TAC Vietnam
31. IND-INDO CORPAT Indonesia
32. SIMBEX Singapore
33. IMCOR Myanmar
34. SLINEX Sri Lanka
35. INDRA NAVY Russia

Bilateral Military Exercises of Indian Air Force

36. GARUDA France
38. AVIAINDRA-18 Russia
39. SIAM BHARAT Thailand

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3. Multilateral Military Exercises of India: Multilateral Exercise as the name suggests, involves the forces and military of more than two countries. An example would be the “COBRA-GOLD Exercise” which was conducted in Russia between China, Tajikistan, India, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan & Uzbekistan.

S. No. Exercise Name Remarks
1. RIMPAC It is the world’s largest maritime exercise. It was first conducted in 1971 and is held biannually near Honolulu, Hawaii (USA).

The Exercise is overlooked by the US Navy’s Pacific fleet. The recent 2018 edition saw 26 countries participating which included India.

2. MALABAR An annual trilateral naval exercise involving the United States, Japan, and India as permanent partners. It originally began in 1992 as a bilateral exercise between India and the US. Later in 2015, Japan became a permanent partner
3. MILEX-18 First joint military exercise between BIMSTEC countries, conducted in Pune, Maharashtra. All member BIMSTEC countries, except Thailand and Nepal, took an active part in this exercise. The main aim is to promote practices in areas of counter-terrorism.
4. PEACE MISSION A Counter Terror Military Exercise, held in Russia in September 2018, under the framework of Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO). For the first time, arch-rivals India and Pakistan took part in it.
5. Samvedna-2018 The first multilateral Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) exercise of Indian Air Force (IAF) in association with South Asian Region nations, was held off the coast of Kerala.
6. Ex COBRA GOLD It is the largest Asia-Pacific military exercise held in Thailand every year.
7. KAKADU Started in 1993, it is a multilateral regional maritime engagement exercise hosted by the Royal Australian Navy. It derives its name from the Kakadu National Park.
8. ARF DiR Ex It stands for ASEAN Regional Forum Disaster Relief Exercise (ARF DiR Ex). It is aimed at organizing a large-scale disaster relief exercise. It was 1st  held in 2009, & takes place biannually. It is co-hosted by one ASEAN member states and one non-ASEAN ARF member.
9. Ex KOMODO A biennial multilateral Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief (HADR) exercise, conducted for the first time by the Indonesian Navy in April 2014 at Batam, Indonesia.

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