Schedules of Indian constitution:-

Indian constitution’s Schedules can be learn by remembering just a story.

It’s a story about a person who went to my neighbor and take my name and asked money, he also swore to distribute Rajya sabha seats in schedule area and schedules tribes. But the ATMM was broken and language was different, land was alien. So he left the village towards city.

Mark underline words and these are schedules of Indian constitution you will never forget.

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Learn this table for Schedules of Indian constitution

Words Schedules Details
My name Schedule1 Names of states and Union territories




Schedule2 Salary and allowances
Swore Schedule3 Oath and affirmations
Rajya sabha seats Schedule4 Allocation of rajya sabha seats
Schedule areas Schedule5 Administration of schedule areas
Schedule tribes but the ATMM Schedule6 Administration on schedule areas of Assam, Tripura, Manipur, Meghalaya
Broken Schedule7 Division of subjects in three list, Union list, State list, Concurrent list
Language Schedule8 Language of union
Land Schedule9 Land
He left Schedule10 Disqualification of member of Parliament
Village Schedule11 Panchayati raj
City Schedule12 Municipal corporations


Remember story you will automatically come to remember Schedules.

Schedules of Indian constitution are very important in every exam, form SSC to government exams and UPSC or RPSC. Very important topic help in exams.

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Thank you and all the best

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