Features of Indian Constitution:

The features of Indian Constitution has been proved very important topics in exams from SSC to other government exams like UPSC, and other states PCS. To study polity in understandable language follow us.

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  • Indian constitution is lengthiest constitution due to
  1. Geographical Factors- enormous size of the nation
  2. Historical factors- history tought us the use and misuse of laws by authority so makers of the constitution want to include each and everything they can.
  3. Single constitution for both Center and states                                                                               Dominance of legal luminaries in constitution making assembly
  • Drawn from various resources like-
  • Structural part from 1935 act.

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  1. Fundamental rights, written constitution, vice president as ex-officio chairman of Rajya sabha, Supreme court, Judicial review, Preamble, Removal of judges of High court and Supreme court:- From USA
  2. President as nominal head, parliamentary form of government, Bicameral Parliament:-UK
  3. Fundamental duties, Five year plan:- USSR
  4. Concurrent list, trade and commerce:-Australia
  5. Suspension of fundamental rights during emergency:- Germany
  • Blend of rigidity and flexibility:– in some cases can be amended easily like name and alteration of boundary of state but rigid some time when changing structure of governance
  • Federal system but with unitary bias:– Federal in normal times (states can operate on their own) but unitary in cases of unity and integrity of India
  • Parliamentary form of government:- cabinet work and executive collectively responsible to loksabha, Prime minister is actual (real)head of the state and Government
  • Secular:- all religion enjoys equality in eyes of state and union
  • Universal adult Franchise:- right to vote to each and everyone completing age of 18-ARTICLE 326
  • Single citizenship
  • Independent bodies :- statutory and constitutional independent bodies
  1. Constitutional bodies:- those organization of government which are mentioned in Constitution like Finance commission mentioned in Article -280
  2. Statutory bodies are those organizations of government which forms due to an act like Human rights act empower the formation of National human rights commission
  • Emergency provision:– National emergency, Presidential emergency, Financial Emergency
  • Three tier government:– Union government at national level , state government at state level and Panchayat at lowest level

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