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Ancient India a subject candidates feel hard nut to crack. LST with research have specially designed some very important article candidates must study.

You must see- Ancient India Architecture 

 Ancient India Six School of Philosophy

Schools Philosophy Major proponent
Samkhaya Materialistic. No god. Later turned spiritualistic. Prakriti-Purusha. Salvation through knowledge acquired through pratyaksha, anumana, shabda Kapila
Yoga Slavation through meditation and physical application Patanjali
Nyaya System of logic. Salvation through acquisition of knowledge.  
Vaisheshika Discussion of material elements or dravya. Atom theory. (beginning of physics). Belief in god. Kanand
Mimansa Vedas contain the eternal truth. Reasoning provided for vedic rituals. Perform vedic rites for salvation. Prabhakar
Vedanta Brahmasutra. Brahma is the reality. Atma is identical with Brahma. Shankara (Advaita) – born in Kerala

Ramanuja (Vishistadvaita)

Shuddhadvaita (Vallabha)

Lokayata Materialistic philosophy. Charavaka


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Various dynasties during 10th century.

Delhi Sultanate

India in 18th Century

India with Decline of mughals

Sikhs and Marathas after Mughals

Deccan, Sufism and Mughal art & architecture

Literature and art during medieval times



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