Medieval India History:

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Various dynasties during 10th century.

Delhi Sultanate 

India in 18th Century

India with Decline of mughals

Sikhs and Marathas after Mughals

Deccan, Sufism and Mughal art & architecture


Literature and Art during Medieval India History

  • Khusrau created a new style of Persian which came to be called shabaq-i-hindi.
  • Historians: Barani, Afif and Islami
  • Zia Nakhshabi translated Sanskrit stories into Persian
    • Tuti-Nama (Book of the Parrot)
  • Sultan Zain-ul-Abidin of Kashmir had Rajatarangini and Mahabharata translated into Persian
  • Raja Man Singh of Gwalior was a lover of music
    • Man Kautahal was compiled which contained all new musical nodes introduced by Muslims.

Books in Medieval India History

Book Author Remark
Brihatkatha-kosh Harisena (9th-12th century)
Rajtarangini (Sanskrit) Kalhana About the kings of Kashmir
Lilavati Bhaskara II (also wrote Siddhanta Shiromani)  Treatise on arithmetic
Shah Namah (1000 AD) (Persian) Firdausi Firdausi was a poet in the court of Mahmud Ghazni


National epic of Iran


Prithviraj Raso Chand Bardai  
Kitab ul Hind Al Baruni  
Padmavat Malik Mohammad Jaisi  
Haqait-i-Hindi Wahid Belgrami (Sufi)  
Mitakshara Vijnaneshwar  
Khaliq Bari Amir Khusrau  
Tuzk-i-Baburi Babur  
Hukumat-ri-Bahi A 17th century Rajasthani work  


You may see- Ancient India Art & Culture

Saints During medieval period


Gorakhnath Followers were called Nath-pantis Used tantra. Spread over North India.
Shankara 9th century Born in Kerala. Advaitavada. Vedanta. Upheld Vedas.
Ramanuja 11th century Vishistadvaita. Followers: Vallabha, Ramananda
Ravidas From Punjab Contemporary of Babur, Nanak
Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Eastern India Worshipped Krishna.
Vallabhacharya   C of Babur
Surdas   Contemporary of Akbar
Meera Bai 1498-1547  
Kabir   During the time of Lodhis
Tulsidas Vinaypattika, Dohavali, Kavitavali, Krishnavali Akbar, Jahangir
Namdeo Marathi/Punjabi b. 1270
Dnyaneshwar Marathi 1200s
Tukaram Marathi Jahangir, Shah Jahan
Ramananda Prayag Follower of Ramanuja
Sadhana   Was a butcher. Disciple of Ramananda
Nanak b. 1469 Born in the village of Talwandi on the bank of river Ravi
Dadu Gujarat Non-sectarian
Ram Das Maharashtra  
Shaikh Ahmed Sirhindi Sufi Nashqbandi School. During times of Jahangir



Style Where? Remarks
Nagara North India and Deccans By Rajputs


Tall curved spiral roof over the garbha griha



[Visvanatha temple, Kandarya Mahadeo temple]

Orissa [Lingaraja temple, Sun temple, Jagannath temple]


Ibn Batuta – Moraccan traveller – visited during MBT’s time.

General terms

  • Shrenis/sangha – trade guilds
  • Manigrama and Nandesi – merchant guilds
  • Tamralipti – was a major port in Bengal
  • Chahalgani – 40 Turkish chiefs during the time of Slave dynasty
  • Amir Khusrau – contemporary of Alauddin Khilji
  • Iqta – small estates (like zamindars)
  • Khuts and Muqaddams – landlords during the time of Alauddin Khilji
  • Diwan-i-arz – department of military. Headed by ariz-i-mamalik (he was not C-in-C of army)
  • Diwan-i-risalat dealt with religious matters (headed by chief Sadr – qazi)
  • Diwan-i-insha dealt with state correspondence
  • Barid – spy
  • Tauhid-i-Wajudi – Ibn-i-Arabi’s idea of Unity of Being

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