ICICI Bank PO Group Discussion 2018-19 : Role of digitization in Banking Sector


ICICI Bank PO Group Discussion: Role of digitization in Banking Sector

ICICI Bank PO Interview 2018-19. Role of digitization in Banking Sector. As we know ICICI Bank PO Recruitment programme has become a regular recruitment event with an intake 2 or 3 batches every year at ICICI Manipal Academy, Bangalore. There is a selection procedure that follows a three-tier selection procedure-

  • Aptitude Test
  • Group Discussion
  • Personal Interview

The first phase is an Online Aptitude Test, for which registered candidates will be informed about their test centre & time through a separate email. The test shall contain around 80 questions that have to be answered in 1 hour. ICICI PO exam results could be declared in a month`s time & qualified candidates shall receive an email about the next process –“Group discussion & Personal Interview”.

The Second phase of ICICI Bank PO Recruitment programme is Group Discussion; here you will find some important points –

The procedure of ICICI Bank PO Recruitment programme is Group Discussion:-

  • ICICI HR department send you an email containing the 4-5 GD topics will be sent to selected candidates along with their call letter.
  • The panel shall select any one topic from it & ask all members to discuss it.
  • A group could be formed with 8-10 members.
  • The session shall last for 20 to 30 minutes.

ICICI Bank PO Group Discussion Topics 2018

Today we are posting an article on Role of digitization in Banking Sector, which can be helpful in your ICICI Bank PO Group Discussion preparation.

Role of digitization in Banking Sector

  • Digitization is the process of converting data into digital format. Digitization means the adoption of technology.
  • Digitization is not an option for the banking industry, rather it is inevitable because every industry is being digitized and banking sector is no exception.
  • With the help of technology, banks are able to reach out to more customers and provide better services to them.
  1. Mobile banking
  2. Automated Teller Machine
  3. Debit cards
  4. Internet Banking

Advantages of digitization in banking 

  • Improved customer experience.
  • Reduction of costs for banks and customers as well by using ATMs, cashless transactions etc.
  • Technology is non-discriminatory. Everyone will be treated same at banks.
  • It reduces human error.
  • Repetitive tasks will be eliminated by automation.
  • The rural and urban gap will be eliminated.
  • Productivity will be increased.
  • With the increasing cashless transactions, fake currency threat will be reduced.
  • Cashless transactions ensure transparency and reduce black money formation.
  • In digitization Cashless transactions counter tax evasions.
  • The problem of fake currency notes can be eliminated by digital payment.

Disadvantages of digitization in banking:-

  • Digitization reduces the effort of employees and hence results in loss of jobs. Loss of jobs will be compensated through a creation of new jobs such as cyber security, research team for innovation in technology etc.
  • Banks will be more vulnerable to cyber attacks as Cybercrime sand other modes of thefts will be increased. There is a lack of digital awareness in the country, forget about awareness about cyber crimes.
  • A large part of Indian population is digital illiterates so they are not comfortable with banking digitization.


With the increasing usage of smartphones, digitization of banking sector is inevitable to catch up the increasing expectations of the world. It indeed reduced human errors and increased convenience. But the fact that cyber threats are on the rise, banks must be very careful and should be prepared to handle cyber attacks.

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