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Unique Identification Number For Every Indian

  • Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) was formed with the task of issuing a Unique Identification Number to all citizens and residents of India.
  • The idea behind unique identification number was to assign each individual a unique 12 digit number which will help to identify the individual uniquely.
  • This process of attaching all the legal data of an individual with a unique number is an attempt of India to develop a secure system of identification and have a long term impact.
  • On 4Nov, 2008, the Unique Identification Authority of India was constituted and notified by the planning commission on 28Jan, 2009 as an attached office under the aegis of planning commission with an initial core team of 115 official. On July 2, 2009, Mr. Nandan Nilkeni was appointed as chairman of UIDAI for initial 5 years.
  • UIDAI has estimation to around 600million cards over the initial 5 years. The project has been given the name as Aadhar India and a new logo containing sun having a fingerprint in it.
  • The act related to Aadhaar was initially introduced as a money bill in the parliament of India on 3rd March 2016.
  • The bill was passed in the Lok Sabha on 11th March 2016 and on 26th March 2016, this bill became an Act.
  • With the issuance of Aadhaar card, India has entered the group of countries which has national identity cards for its native residents.

Advantages of UIDAI.

  • In several Government departments, various documentary proof is required, the unique identity number will reduce the burden of various identity proof.
  • In UIDAI By connecting Aadhaar number with banking system government has created a proper and secure channel through which beneficiaries receive all the subsidies directly to their bank account.
  • With the help of UID it became possible to identify the native Indians and illegal migrants and thus helps to ensure that only the Indian citizens and the legal migrants get benefits of government schemes and also employment.
  • As all the biometric and demographic data of individual is linked to Aadhaar, it helps to identify the families that really belongs to BPL (Below Poverty Level) and hence providing them employment under NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act)
  • Another big issue which can be addressed trough UID is real number of voters.
  • UIDAI will also help indirectly in controlling the corruption.
  • UIDAI will also help in Opening bank accounts, getting a new telephone, mobile or internet connections, new light or gas connections and Getting a Passport, Driving License or Electoral Card.

Disadvantages of UIDAI.

  • Aadhar India project is to be accomplished by private companies. Foreign companies may also be included in it. Hence individual data of people will not be safe.
  • No proper provision of law and punishment if any misdeed occurs such as the leakage of personal information of citizens.
  • Finding personal details of person will become too easy. Hence this will be unsafe in terms of privacy.


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UID for every Indian is a very good system for eliminating agents and commission culture from India. It will help the poor to get their benefits directly to their accounts. It will also help in eliminating the illegal migrants from India and thus controlling the anti-national activities. But the implementation and execution must be done in a proper and prompt manner. And there must some guidelines related to risks associated with the system.

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