ICICI Bank PO Group Discussion: Specialization vs Generalization

ICICI Bank PO Interview 2018-19. ICICI Bank PO GD – Specialization vs Generalization. As we know ICICI Bank PO Recruitment programme has become a regular recruitment event with an intake 2 or 3 batches every year at ICICI Manipal Academy, Bangalore. There is a selection procedure that follows a three-tier selection procedure-

  • Aptitude Test
  • Group Discussion
  • Personal Interview

The first phase is an Online Aptitude Test, for which registered candidates will be informed about their test centre & time through a separate email. The test shall contain around 80 questions that have to be answered in 1 hour. ICICI PO exam results could be declared in a month`s time & qualified candidates shall receive an email about the next process –“Group discussion & Personal Interview”.

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The Second phase of ICICI Bank PO Recruitment programme is Group Discussion; here you will find some important points –

  • ICICI HR department sends you an email containing the 4-5 GD topics will be sent to selected candidates along with their call letter.
  • The panel shall select any one topic from it & ask all members to discuss it.
  • A group could be formed with 8-10 members.
  • The session shall last for 20 to 30 minutes.

ICICI Bank PO Group Discussion Topics 2018

Today we are posting an article on Specialization vs Generalization, which can be helpful in your ICICI Bank PO Group Discussion preparation.

Specialization vs Generalization


  • Specialization means the process of concentrating on and becoming expert in a particular subject or skill.
  • Specialization is focused. One can easily search for the job because she/he knows exactly which job she/he wants.
  • Because of specialization of production, trade is increasing continuously.
  • By Specialization High productivity, higher income and more demand in the present generation.
  • By specializing, a person or company become better at that task or production that competitor.
  • Specialization in only some specific area of a financial specialist, Marketing specialist, law and tax specialist, IT specialist etc.
  • Specialization generally raises the level of expertise of the labor force and the quality and quantity of the product and services.

Letus discuss specialization with the help of an example. Let us take an entity Animal and apply specialization on it. The entity animal can further be spilled into amphibian, reptiles, birds, mammals the list is long, but this much is enough for explaining specialization.

Now an entity amphibian can be further split to crocodile, alligator, frog.The entity reptile splits to snake, lizard. The entity bird can be split to sparrow, pigeon, parrot. Mammals can be spilt to a tiger, lion, elephant.

Advantages of Specialization

  • Better pay – If you’re highly knowledgeable and skillful in a field, you’re an extremely valuable resource to those companies looking for your expertise.
  • Less competition — Generally, the more focused your knowledge and skills are (i.e. the smaller your niche), the fewer competitors you will have.
  • Better for working with larger businesses – As opposed to small businesses, large companies are more likely to be able to afford many specialists in a variety areas

Disadvantages of Specialization

  • Limited ability to adapt to economic changes.
  • Requires more years of study comparatively.
  • If the demand for that particular specialization decreases, one has to start another career from the scratch.
  • Smaller target market (fewer potential clients).


  • Generalization results in forming a single entity from multiple entities.
  • Generalization extracts the common features of multiple entities to form a new entity.
  • It proceeds in a bottom-up manner.

Let us discuss an example of generalization. If I ask you to name some furniture, then it’s common to say study table, dining table, computer table, armchair, folding chair, office chair, double bed, single bed and the list is so on.

Now, we will generalize these furnitures, here, study table, dining table, computer table, all are kind of table so, I will generalize these entities to a new higher level entity Table. The entities armchair, folding chair, office chair, are the kind of Chair so, they form a new higher level entity Chair. The entity Double bed, Single bed combined to form the higher level entity Bed. Now, we have three higher level entity Table, Chair, and Bed which can be clubbed further to form a new higher level entity Furniture.

Advantages of Generalization

  • Superior ability to adapt to economic changes.
  •  Help most people most of the time — Most people aren’t looking for something extremely specific. Clients generally have a “fuzzy” idea of what they’re looking for (whether they admit this or not), and they’re probably looking to you for direction.
  •   Better for working with small businesses — Most small businesses cannot afford to hire numerous specialty freelancers .I’ve worked a lot with small businesses and usually what they’re looking for is someone who isn’t too specialized but rather someone who has a broad knowledge base, is very resourceful (i.e. can find answers/solutions quickly), and is a creative problem solver.
  • More job options.
  • Can switch careers easily.
  • Organization leaders excel better if they are generalists because they need to have a basic understanding of all the jobs in their company.
  • More scope for growth and improvement.
  • Less risky because demand will always be there.

Disadvantages of Generalization

  • More competition
  • Lower income comparatively.
  • No clarity while searching for a job as there are too many options.


When a person observes some general symptoms that have the probability of different diseases, she/he can’t run to every specialist related to that. In this case, people generally visit a general surgeon to know which specialist they should meet. Likewise, demand and requirement will always be there for both generalists and specialists. However, demand varies from one field to another.

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