Culture Revision Notes: Major Painting Schools

 Culture Revision Notes:  See Handwritten Art&Culture Notes for  revision. Different schools of art compared Table 1   Mughal Pahari Rajasthani/Rajput Origin Earlier Persian blend. Became Indian under Akbar. Originated in the sub-Himalayan kingdoms of 19th […]

Tips to Study Medieval India History: Literature and Art

Medieval India History: In previous articles we have published:-     Various dynasties during 10th century. Delhi Sultanate  India in 18th Century India with Decline of mughals Sikhs and Marathas after Mughals Deccan, Sufism and […]

Medieval India: Deccan, Sikhs, Marathas, Sufism and Mughal Art& Architecture

Medieval India: Read notes published before here:- Dynasties during 8 to 10 century  Delhi sultanate  After Aurangzeb India in 18th century India after decline of mughals Sikh and Marathas after Mughals     Deccan Ahmednagar […]