You must learn: List of Important wars and treaties in Indian history


List of Important wars and treaties in Indian history:

In every competitive exams, in history section questions usually from treaties and wars in Indian history.

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So here is compilation of important wars and treaties You must remember for exams

War Year Treaty Gov General Battles 
Anglo Marathas
First 1775-82 Began: Treaty of Surat

End: Treaty of Salbai

Warren Hastings Battle of Wadgaon
Second 1803-05 Began: treaty of Bassein Lord Wellesley Battle of Assaye
Third 1816-19 Treaty of Gwalior Marquess  of Hastings Battle of Pindari

End of Peshwa rule

Anglo French
First 1746-48 Treaty of Aix-la-Chepelle Reason: Austrian succession in Europe 1746: Battle of Adyar/San Thome
Second 1749-54 War of succession between Nasir Jung (English) and Muzaffar Jung (French) after death of Nizam 1749: Battle of Ambur


Rise of Robert Clive

Third 1758-63 Treaty of Paris Reason: 7 years war in Europe 1760: Battle of Wandiwash (French defeat)
Anglo Mysore
First 1766-69
Second 1780-1784 Treaty of Mangalore Warren Hastings After death of Hyder Ali in 1782 Tipu led the war
Third 1789-92 Treaty of Seringapatnam Cornwallis Defeat of Tipu
Fourth 1799 Wellesley Battle of Seringapatnam. Death of Tipu.
Anglo Sikh War
First 1845-46 Treaty of Lahore Hardinge
Second 1848-49 Dalhousie Final Subjugation of the Sikhs


1806 – Treaty of Raighat – Peace with Holkars

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Poet/Writer Language Work
Kanchan Nambiar Malayalam
Tayaumanavar Tamil (Sittar poet)
Dayaram Gujarati
Warris Shah Punjabi Heer Ranjha
Shah Abdul Latif Sindhi Risalo
Sachal, Siami Sindhi


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Education in India

1781 – Calcutta Madarsah by Hastings

1791 – Sanskrit College, Varanasi: Jonathan Duncan

1813 – Charter Act directed the Company to spend a sum of Rs. 1 lakh on education <was made available in 1823>

1817 – Hindu College by David Hare & RM Roy; 1825 – Vedanta College, RM Roy

1835 – Macaulay’s minute

1854 – Wood’s Dispatch: asked the govt to assume the responsibility for the education of the masses


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  • Gopal Hari Deshmukh was a religious reformer in Western India and was popularly known as ‘Lokahitwadi’
  • Separate electorates were introduced  by the Morley Minto Reforms of 1909
  • Dyarchy was introduced by the Montford reforms of 1919
  • Timeline of Satyagraha: Champaran (1917) – Ahmedabad Mill Strike (1918) – Kheda (1918)
  • 1927 – Butler commission to review the centre state relations
  • 1934 – Congress Socialist Party: Acharya Narendra Dev and JP
  • 1936 – All India Kisan Sabha: Swami Sahajanand Saraswati


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