NABARD Grade-A Exam : Agriculture & Rural Development Questions Set-3


NABARD Grade-A Exam: Agriculture & Rural Development Questions

NABARD Grade-A Exam: Agriculture & Rural Development Questions Set. Welcome to the online NABARD Grade A Exam Section. If you are preparing for NABARD Grade A Exam 2018, you will come across a section on “Agriculture & Rural Development” (with focus on Rural India) wherein 40 questions will be there carrying 40 marks.

Here we are providing you with “Important Agriculture & Rural Development Questions” for NABARD Grade-A Exam 2018 based on the latest pattern of your daily practice.

NABARD Grade-A Agriculture & Rural Development Questions | Set-3

 1. PACS, an institute of NABARD works at the gram panchayat and village level. In PACS, A stands for?

A. Accredit

B. Agriculture

C. Asset

D. Advisory

E. Ability

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2. Agricultural census is conducted in every _______

A. 2 years

B. 3 years

C. 4 years

D. 5 years

E. 6 years

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3. Great Himalayan National Park (GNHP) is situated in which state ?

A. Uttarakhand

B. Jammu & Kashmir

C. Arunachal Pradesh

D. Himachal Pradesh

E. Sikkim

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4. Which day of every year has been chosen as World Wetlands Day ?

A. 2nd Feb

B. 5th March

C. 17th April

D. 23rd June

E. 15th Sep

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5. Where is the National institute of jute and allied fibre technology located ?

A. Haryana

B. Telangana

C. Andhra Pradesh

D. West Bengal

E. Jharkhand

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6. Which state has declared Ganga and Yamuna rivers as living entity ? 

A. Uttarakhand

B. Bihar

C. Uttar Pradesh

D. West Bengal

E. None of the above

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7. Which day has been observed as World Water Day?

A. 22nd March

B. 29th April

C. 12th June

D. 26 th Aug

E. 3rd Nov

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8. What is India’s rank in fruits and vegetables production worldwide? 

A. 1st

B. 2nd

C. 3rd

D. 4th

E. 5th

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9.Who has been appointed new head of World Food Programme?

A. David Beasley

B. Antonio Guterres

C. Kristalina Georgieva

D. Christine Lagarde

E. Nicholas Davis

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10. The order in which one crops is cultivated on a piece of land over a fixed period is called as-

A. Cropping Pattern

B. Cropping system

C. Mono-Cropping

D. Intercropping

E. Mixed farming

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