Decision-Making eBook for NABARD Grade-A Exam 2023
Decision-Making eBook for NABARD Grade-A Exam 2023

Decision-Making eBook for NABARD Grade-A Exam 2023

Decision Making Practice Questions Answers Book for NABARD Grade A&B 2023. Decision-Making Study Material PDF, Notes, Quizzes, and Books. As we all know NABARD has published the short notice of NABARD Grade A notification 2023 for 150 Grade A (Assistant Manager) vacancies in the Rural Development Banking Service (RDBS). Decision-Making (DM) has been introduced last year in the NABARD Grade-A Phase-I Exam. Candidates can expect 10 questions that include situation-based questions, case studies, interpreting information, recognizing assumptions, etc.

While attempting questions in Decision Making, one should read the question carefully. The decision-making questions are a unique set of questions that involve both critical and analytical reasoning. Practice is the only way to get the desired results. Decision Making is part of the Qualifying Section for NABARD Grade-A Phase 1 along with Reasoning, English, Computer Knowledge, and Quantitative Aptitude.

Best Book for NABARD Decision-Making Section 2023

At Let’s Study Together (LST) we understand our students’ requirements and keep them in mind, So the LST Team created a Very special “NABARD Grade A & B 2023 – 400+ Decision-Making Practice Questions Answers eBook” to crack NABARD Grade A & B Prelims 2023. These questions are made by our experts after carefully examining previous years’ question papers of NABARD. If you prepare this thoroughly, you can very easily crack the NABARD Decision-Making Section. Important features of – Decision Making Practice Questions Answers Book for NABARD Grade A&B 2023-

  • 400+ Practice Decision-Making Questions with Answers.
  • Prepare by NABARD Grade A&B Exam Experts.
  • 100% Authentic solutions to all the questions.
  • Detailed solutions for better understanding.
  • Based on the new exam pattern and the previous year’s exams.
  • Best Book for Decision-Making Section for NABARD Grade A&B 2023

Best Book for Decision-Making for NABARD Grade A&B 2023

Tips for Solving Decision-Making Questions 

  • Read the question carefully.
  • Make sure you don’t miss out on any of the data.
  • Make a table or write certain information to connect the dots and close the gap for the right answer.
  • Once you have the right information, start with the elimination process.
  • The elimination process shouldn’t be random. You should know why have you chosen to do so.

We already published “A Complete eBooks for NABARD Grade-A Agriculture & Rural Development (ARD) and “Economic & Social Issues (ESI)”. You can Download these eBooks below the link-

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The decision-making questions start either with a paragraph or some data. And then a problem or a challenging situation is given and you are now expected to make the right decision. There can be different patterns of such questions. Given below is the Decision-Making Syllabus for NABARD Grade A & B 2023:-

  • Behavioral Decision Making: These are a very interesting pattern of questions. Here, we are faced with situations that may arise in our everyday lives as well that involve dealing with people depending upon their temperament, particularly if the problem involves dealing with people of different temperaments at the same time. Here, the obvious decisions you might make may not be enough as you also have to keep in mind the results or reactions that arise from your choices.
  • Managerial Decision Making: In this pattern of questions, a scenario will be provided wherein you will be asked to assume that you are in a managerial position and have to make a decision accordingly. As you may expect, such questions can involve how you would tackle situations concerning your team members.
  • Eligibility Criteria Based on Decision Making: Here, a variety of eligibility criteria will be provided for the recruitment of particular personnel. With regard to the data provided, there will be follow-up questions that will require candidates to determine who is most eligible for the said post. One such sample question is discussed in the video below by our subject expert, Ms. Arunima Sinha (Ex-Grade B SIDBI Officer).
  • Data Arrangements-Based Decision Making: As the name suggests, a large chunk of data will be provided to you in the question. You will need to arrange/organize the data before you can begin solving the follow-up questions.
  • Mathematical Decision Making: In essence, these questions are like Data Interpretation or Logical Reasoning questions. They are data-intensive and require that candidates carefully analyze the given information before trying to solve the questions.

Note: If you have any suggestions from which we can improve the quality of this “Economic & Social Issues (ESI) Book PDF for NABARD Grade A Phase I 2023” then please let us in the comment, we are ready to know your suggestions and make improvements Are For any questions, suggestions, feedback, please E-mail us at and

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