Financial Management (FM) Questions Asked in RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam 2019
Financial Management (FM) Questions Asked in RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam 2019

Financial Management (FM) Questions Asked in RBI Grade B

Questions Asked in RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam. Download PDF of Financial Management Questions for RBI Grade B. Financial Management Study Material. If you are preparing for RBI Grade B Exam 2022, you will come across a section on “Financial Management (FM) Questions Asked in RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam” wherein FM questions will be there carrying 100 marks.

Here we are providing you with “Financial Management (FM) Questions Asked in RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam 2022″ of your daily practice. These questions can be helpful for the upcoming RBI Grade B Exam 2022.

FM Questions Asked in RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam 2021

  • Structured communication flows from top to bottom – Options not clear
  • Highest public private partnership in which sector? Infra
  • Which of the following is true with respect to paragraph? SEBI is regulator of capital market & SEBI is regulator of commodity market
  • MSMEs have faced severe stress during COVID. 77% of countries have adopted _____ measure to provide relief? Delay in payments
  • 193 members meeting? UNGA
  • Full form of SAAP based on passage? State annual action Plan
  • Objective of operation Greens? Increase in agricultural exports & only for TOPS
  • Sovereign Gold bond scheme features?
  • Monetary policy department target which rate? weighted average call rate
  • Freddy and Henry have listed companies with share price of 1800 and 600 respectively, both have same number of shares, same face value, same earnings. Freddy’s co. has higher PE than Henry’s
  • Which of these is revenue expenditure? Interest & Subsidies
  • Johari Window- Known to self and unknown to others – Hidden self
  • Which of the following is process theory of Motivation? Victor Vroom theory
  • Which is the second step in the discussed model? Change
  • Which one of the following is correct based on passage?
  • Regulatory sandbox aims to create.
  • Question related to Language Translation initiative by Government? Identify App launched for it? E-Aksharayaan
  • Identify the mission? National Language Translation
  • Which barrier is tackled by the above mission? Linguistic barrier
  • FDI in Banks through automatic route, FDI in banks through government approval route, Max holding limit by single entity? 20%, 74% and 10%
  • Which of the following are depositories? CDSL & NSDL
  • One group is viewed with a tendency with respect to perceptual error?
  • Which of the following will involve the psychological aspects? Personality and Motivation
  • Which subject deals with team process?
  • Who is the regulator of capital market? SEBI
  • Which technology has been accepted by SEBI in 2018 for IPO applications? UPI
  • Type of application and who regulates it? SEBI ASBA
  • ASBA application can be made through? (Applications supported by blocked amount) – Self Certified Syndicate Bank (SCSB)
  • NPCI has recently introduced which technology? NETC and fastag
  • Question on identification of the model for PPP? Hybrid Annuity Mode
  • Initial Contribution in HAM and Annuity Portion? 40:60
  • Which organization headquartered in Paris has collaborated with international organization to check effects of COVID? OECD
  • Percentage prediction of growth for 2021 in its preliminary report of March 2021? 12.6%
  • Which of the following is not a member of OECD? China

FM Questions Asked in RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam 2019

  • Which theory says that in an organization, employees compare themselves on the basis of input and output of their colleagues? Equity Theory
  • A council which governs all the issues related to GST is headed by? Finance Minister
  • In India, Fiscal Policy is implemented through a budget. Which government body is responsible for it? Finance Ministry
  • Geneva based, Basel committee on Banking supervision has come up with Basel Norms, which have been formed to address which issues? Bank Risk
  • Derivatives are financial instruments to hedge risk. It derives its value from which of the following? Underlying
  • Which of the following risk can be eliminated by derivatives? Interest Rate risk
  • Treasury Bills is a financial instrument, which is a: Government securities issued by RBI for managing short term funding requirements Security issued and managed by government
  • Commercial papers are issued for what purpose? By companies for short term
  • Who gave the management principle of ‘MBO’? Peter Ducker
  • Alderfer has condensed 5 needs of Maslow’s theory into 3 categories of human needs in which theory? ERG Theory

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