Economics & Social Issues (ESI) Questions Asked in RBI Grade B 2019
Economics & Social Issues (ESI) Questions Asked in RBI Grade B 2019

Economics & Social Issues (ESI) Questions Asked in RBI Grade B

Questions Asked in RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam. Download PDF of Economics & Social Issues (ESI) Questions for RBI Grade B. Economics & Social Issues Study Material. If you are preparing for RBI Grade B Exam 2022, you will come across a section on “Economics & Social Issues (ESI) Questions Asked in RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam” wherein FM questions will be there carrying 100 marks.

Here we are providing you with “Economics & Social Issues (ESI) Questions Asked in RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam 2021″ of your daily practice. These questions can be helpful for the upcoming RBI Grade B Exam 2022.

ESI Questions Asked in RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam 2021

  • Which step has been taken by major countries as a policy measure? Lowering the interest rate.
  • Reasons of improvement in global economic prospects in the recent months – Fiscal policy measure.
  • The scheme mentioned in the passage. – AMRUT
  • Full form of SAAP under the scheme. – State Annual Action Plans
  • Which of the following is not true regarding the scheme mentioned in the passage?  The scheme focuses on inclusive development of Heritage cities
  • Who introduced STARS programme in India and its aim? World Bank; To Enhance learning outcomes.
  • Match the following. Case1- Street vendor wants to borrow 10,000. He has registration with Dehradun’s ULB. Case 2- Issue of Property Cards. (Case example of PM SVANIDHI, SWAMITVA)
  • How much amount is disbursed under PM KISAN? (Passage on PM Kisan) – Rs.6000
  • PM Modi in December 2020 has announced the disbursal of how much amount under PM KISAN? . Rs 18,000 Crore
  • Which among the following category of persons cannot be the beneficiary of PM Kisan?
  • Platform which provides all the information related to farmers – MKisan.
  • Which of the scheme was not part of the programme mentioned in the passage?
  • Which one is related to digital health?
  • Projection of GDP growth of India for 2021 – 22. 12.6%
  • Identify the report mentioned in the passage. OECD economic outlook
  • The scheme mentioned in the passage has been extended for? 2 years (March 2022)
  • The 2030 agenda for sustainable development summit which was signed by 193 member countries was organized by? UN secretariat
  • Advantages of foreign trade and investment.
  • Which of the following will be the new operating target of monetary policy as per the revised framework? Weighted Average Call rate (In news February 2020)
  • Which of the following is true statement regarding RBI liquidity management framework?
  • Which of the following is the instrument of liquidity management? Open Market Operation
  • True statement about operation greens. Development of TOP value chain
  • Which of the following is not true regarding the announcement made in budget 2021 -22?  The definition for the small companies will be revised by increasing their thresholds for paid up capital from “Not exceeding Rs.50 Lakhs” to “Not exceeding Rs.2 Crore” and turnover from “Not exceeding Rs.2 Crore to “Not exceeding Rs.10 Crore
  • India’s real GDP growth and nominal GDP growth is highest since independence as per the Economic survey. What is the reason? Robust recovery in service sector and mega vaccination drive.
  • Question on identification of type of justice? Distributive Justice, Procedural Justice
  • Which of the following is not one of the objectives of the four labour codes? To delegitimize strikes.
  • At the recent TRIPS council of WTO, the waiver proposed by South Africa and India for?  Free flow of medicines, vaccines and medical equipment between countries during the ongoing pandemic.

Questions Asked in RBI Grade B Phase 2 Exam 2019 – Economics & Social Issues (ESI)

  • According to the ‘CS Gender 3000 in 2019: the changing face of companies report’, what is the percentage increase in India’s female representation on boards over the past 5 years in the year 2019? 2%
  • How much amount would be injected by the Union Government in the Alternate Investment Fund (AIF) which has a total corpus of Rs.25000 crore? 10,000 Crore
  • The RBI has permitted ARCs to purchase financial assets from peers provided the transaction is on a …………… Cash basis
  • Which of the following does not account for capital payments under BoP? Transfer Payments
  • The Union Government has imposed 2% TDS on cash withdrawal exceeding which of the following amounts? 1 crore
  • Which of the following organization has submitted a master plan of $300m for logistics infrastructure development in Kolkata? World Bank
  • What is India’s Life Expectancy according to the National Health Profile 2019? 7 Years
  • Under which of the following circumstances invocation of the President’s rule as per Article 356 of the Indian Constitution will be invalid? Some State agencies are involved in corruption and the state is not taking action against them.

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