Reasoning Ability – High level Puzzles Set-30

High Level Puzzles for IBPS PO 2017

Welcome to Online Reasoning Section in .  Here we are providing a set of Reasoning Ability Quiz for RBI Grade B, NICL AO and upcoming IBPS exams on High-level Puzzles.

Magical Puzzles  For Bank PO

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Directions (Q. 1-5): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions.

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Twelve dangerous gangsters from two different gangs are sitting in two parallel rows containing six gangsters in each row, they are sitting in such a way that there is an equal distance between adjacent persons. In row-1 A, B, C, D, E and F are seated and all of them are facing South. In row-2 P, Q, R, S, T and U are seated and all of them are facing North. Therefore, in the given seating arrangement each member seated in a row faces another member of the other row. D sits third to right of B. Either D or B sits at an extreme end of the line. The one who faces B sits second to right of T. Two people sit between Q and U. Neither Q nor U sits at an extreme end of the line. The immediate neighbor of Q faces the person who sits third to left of A. C and E are immediate neighbors of each other. R sits second to the left of P. E does not face the immediate neighbor of S. All the persons facing south belongs to Gang X, whereas the persons facing north belongs to gang Y. Both the gangs are armed with each member having a gun with him.

1.Who amongst the following sit at extreme ends of the rows?
A. D, S
B. F, P
C. F, R
D. A, S
E. B, U

2.How By persons are seated between F and C?
A. One
B. Two
C. Three
D. Four
E. None

3.Then, which of the following person/s of gang Y could D kill, if he has to empty his gun and kill one person from each Aet, but still the persons left alive of gang Y have exactly enough
Aets to kill his entire gang?

A. R and P
B. S and R
C. T, S and Q
D. U
E. R, P and U

4.Which of the following is true regarding E?
A. A. U faces E
B. B is an immediate neighbor of E
C. U faces the one who is second to right of E
D. E sits at one of the extreme ends of the line
E. B sits second to the right of E

5.If all the person start killing the person sitting opposite to them, in such a Bner that the
person sitting at the leftmost end of north facing gang shoots FIrst followed by the rightmost
person of gang X and so on. Then, how By Aets will be left unfired after the shootout?
A. Twenty
B. Sixteen
C. Twenty-one
D. Nine
E. None of these

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Directions (Q. 6-10): Read the following information carefully and answer the questions.

Six friends Somu, Deepa, Mahi, Jay Lokesh and Lovely work in different companies, namely Totus, Epson, Haier, Philips, Unisys and SiJaygon. Each one reads a different books, i.e., Batman, Chacha Chowdhary, Champak, Nandan, Heman and The Superman, though not necessarily in the order. Each of them plays a particular sport of their liking viz. kabaddi, volleyball, dodgeball, football, handball and khokho, though not necessarily in the order. Each of them is married and have childrens. The one who is reading The Superman works in Philips and the one who is reading Chacha Chowdhary works in Totus. Lokesh does not work in Haier or Unisys. Lokesh plays Volleyball. The one who reads Superman have the same number of children as the number of alphabets in the name of the company he works in. Number of children Jay has is two times that of Lokesh. Somu, who works in Epson, reads Champak.Lovely does not work in Unisys and the one who works in Haier does not read Nandan. The number of kids of Lovely is equal to the difference of the number of kids of the one who reads batman and the one who plays handball. Deepa Works in SiJaygon. Neither Lovely nor Jay works in Philips.The one who works in Unisys reads neither Nandan nor Heman.Mahi works in Totus. The person who reads Batman plays kabaddi, while the one who reads Nandan plays dodge ball. The one who plays Khokho reads neither Chacha Chowdhary nor Heman. Lovely does not play handball. The number of children Deepa has one less than the number of children of the one who likes kabaddi which is same as the number of children of the one who reads champak. Number of children of Mahi is two less than the number of kids of Somu.

6.The man who works in Haier, reads?
A. Cannot be determined
B. The Superman
C. Nandan
D. Batman
E. None of these

7.Which of the following ‘book-company-person’ combination is correct?

B. Jay-Totus-Batman
C. Deepa-SiJaygon-Champak
D. Lokesh-Philips-Chacha Chowdhary
E. None of the above

8.Which of the following is true?
A. Lokesh works in Unisys
B. Jay works in Totus
C. Jay plays kabaddi
D. Somu reads Chacha Chowdhary
E. None of the above

9.Which of the following sequences of companies represents Lovely, Deepa, Mahi, Somu, Jay and Lokeshin the same order?
A. Haier, Philips, Epson, Totus, Unisys, SiJaygon
B. Haier, SiJaygon, Epson, Totus, Unisys, Philips
C. SiJaygon, Haier, Totus, Epson, Philips, Unisys
D. Haier, SiJaygon, Epson, Philips, Totus, Unisys
E. None of the above

10.Who reads Heman?
A. Lokesh
B. The one having three kids
C. The one having two kids
D. Can’t be determined
E. None of these


Correct Answers:-

  1. D. A, S
  2. B. Two
  3. E. R, P and U
  4. C. U faces the one who is second to right of E
  5. E. None of these

  1. E. None of these
  2. A. Lovely-Haier-Heman
  3. C. Jay plays kabaddi
  4. E. None of the above
  5. B. The one having three kids
Somu Champak Epson Kho Kho 13
Deepa Nandan Siradon DogeBall 13
Mahi Chacha Choudhary Totus Handball 11
Jay Batman Unisys Kabbdi 14
Lokesh Superman Philips Volleyball 7
Lovely Heman Haier Football 3


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