Quant Arithmetic Questions for Banking & SSC Exams
Quant Arithmetic Questions for Banking & SSC Exams

Quantitative Aptitude Miscellaneous/Word-Problem Quiz

Hello Aspirants, As we all know that Quant Miscellaneous Questions is an important part of the quantitative aptitude section for every competitive exam. Different kinds of Quant Miscellaneous questions are asked in every competitive exam.(Like – Percentage, Profit & Loss, Time and Work, Ratios and Proportions, Permutations and Combinations, Time and Distance, Boat and Streams, Probability, Average, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Problems on Ages,).So here, In this article, we will provide different arithmetic questions. These Quant Miscellaneous questions are important for Bank, SSC, SEBI, NABARD, RBI, LIC, and Other state exams. You can attempt these questions & boost your preparation for your examination.

In the Banking exams, Quant questions were asked in the Prelims as well as Mains exam. There are 10 Quant Miscellaneous Questions asked in the Prelims exam (Bank).You want to score more in the Quant section then you should practice more and more Quant Miscellaneous questions.

Quant Miscellaneous Questions Quiz | Set 20

1. An ice cream box full of ice cream is in the form of cuboid, having 54cm breadth, 30cm height and 77cm length. Ice cream from the cuboidal box is served in the cone. Radius of cone is 425% more than its height. If ratio of height of the cone to cuboid is 1 : 5, then find the number of cones required to serve the full quantity of ice cream of cuboidal box.

A. 25
B. 10
C. 30
D. 15
E. 20

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Correct Answer – E. 20








2. Two bags A & B contain four and sixteen balls respectively. Two balls in A & four balls in bag B in are black color. If a bag is chosen randomly and two balls are drawn at random from it, then the probability of that at least one ball is black _______?

A. 11/20
B. 43/120
C. 77/120
D. 9/20
E. 7/23

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Correct Answer – C. 77/120









3. A man invested a total of Rs.27000 in two schemes A and B and amount invested in scheme B is 25% more than that of in A. If scheme B is offering R% p.a. at CI for 2 years and scheme A is offering (R-6) % p.a. at SI for 5 years and total interest from scheme A is Rs.1800 more than total interest from scheme B, then find R(R<30)?

A. 10
B. 5
C. 15
D. 20
E. 25

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Correct Answer – D. 20











4. Average of 60 positive integers is 8. If 45 of these integers are not more than 8, then find the maximum possible average of these 45 integers.

A. 8
B. 7
C. 7.5
D. 7 2/3
E. 7 1/3

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Correct Answer – D. 7 2/3









5. Veer and Ayush starts a business with the initial capital of Rs. 5000 and Rs. 6000 respectively. After four months, Shivam joined them with the capital of Rs. (P) and at the same time Veer withdrew Rs. 3000 from his initial investment. After four more months, Ayush left the business. If, at the end of 1 year from the beginning, total profit from the business is Rs.3200 and share of Shivam is Rs.800, then find Rs. (1000 + P)?

A. 4000 Rs.
B. 5500 Rs.
C. 4500 Rs.
D. 5000 Rs.
E. None of these

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Correct Answer – C. 4500 Rs.







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6. How many integral solutions of equation x + y + z = 15 can be formed in which x > 1, y > 2, z > 3?

A. 35
B. 14
C. 21
D. 28
E. 42

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Correct Answer – D. 28









7. Deepak has two solutions – P & Q of wine and rum. Type-P contains 60% wine and type-Q contains 45% wine. If Deepak mixed 35 ml type-P solution with 200 ml type-Q solution to form another solution of wine and rum, then find approximate percentage of rum in the newly formed solution.

A. 53%
B. 63%
C. 61%
D. 58%
E. 57%

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Correct Answer – A. 53%






8. Ratio of efficiency of Deepak, Shivam and Veer is 5 : 8 : 15 respectively. All three working together completed a piece of work in 15 days and they get total wages for completing the work is Rs.10500. If Deepak, Shivam and Anurag started working together on same work and Anurag is 60% more efficient than Deepak, then find difference in wages received by Shivam in both the cases?

A. Rs 8000
B. Rs 4000
C. Rs 1000
D. Rs 5000
E. Rs 2000

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Correct Answer – C. Rs 1000









9. Shivam borrowed Rs.180000 from Ankit at 14% p.a. at CI compounded annually. If after 2 years, Shivam paid Rs.133928 to Ankit, then find how much amount Shivam have to pay to completely settle the loan after next 2 years?

A. Rs 128570
B. Rs 129960
C. Rs 129250
D. Rs 128940
E. Rs 129750

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Correct Answer – B. Rs 129960







10. There is 1 unit each of 4 fruits (Banana, Mango, Apple & Guava). The average of selling price of 1 unit of each Mango, Apple & Guava is Rs.45 and average of selling price of 1 unit of each Banana, Apple & Guava is Rs.37. If selling price of 1 unit of Apple is Rs.84, then selling price of 1 units of Banana, Mango & Guava is what per cent of the selling price of Apple?

A. 75%
B. 50%
C. 65%
D. Cannot be determined.
E. None of these

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Correct Answer  – D. Cannot be determined.

Explanation: Let selling price of Banana, Mango& Guava be Rs.B, Rs.M & Rs.G respectively







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