Quant Miscellaneous Questions

Hello Aspirants, As we all know that Quant Miscellaneous Questions is a important part of quantitative aptitude section for every competitive exams.Different kind of Quant Miscellaneous questions asked in every competitative exam. (Like – Percentage, Profit & Loss, Time and Work, Ratios and Proportions, Permutations and Combinations, Time and Distance, Boat and Streams, Probability, Average, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Problems on Ages,).So here, In this article we will provide different arithmetic questions.These Quant Miscellaneous questions are important for Bank, SSC, SEBI, NABARD, RBI, LIC, and Other state exams. You can attempt these questions & boost your preparation for your examination.

In the Banking exams Quant questions asked in the Prelims as well as Mains exam.There are 10 Quant Miscellaneous Questions asked in the Prelims exam (Bank).You want to score more in the Quant section then you should practice more and more Quant Miscellaneous questions.

Quant Miscellaneous Questions Quiz-1

1. In Delhi there are 80 people. The number of people who likes dogs are twice the number of people who like cats. The number of people who don’t like dogs are 32 and the number of people who don’t like cats are 56. The number of people who like both dogs and cats are twice the number of those who like only cats. What is the number of people who neither like dogs nor cats?

A. 29
B. 22
C. 24
E. 25

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C. 24

Let w be the number of people who like only dogs

X be those who like both dogs and cats

Y be those who like only cats

Z be those who neither like dogs nor cats.

So, w+x+y+z=80

Now, w+x=2*(x+y)

Hence, w-x=2y

It is given,

y+z=32 and w+z=56

We know, x=2y

So, we get w=2x

Similarly, we also get w+x=48(since y+z=32)

Hence, Putting w=2x in the above we get,

X=16, W=32, Y=8 and Z=24

2. A can do a piece of work in 12 days, B can do the same work in 18 days. They worked for 6 days and C does the rest of work in 4 days. If they get Rs. 1650 for the whole work, find the individual share of A,B and C respectively?

A. 825, 550, 275
B. 550, 825, 275
C. 825, 275, 550
D. 850, 525, 225
E. None of these

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A. 825, 550, 275

Work done by A in 6 days= 6/12=1/2

Work done by B in 6 days= 6/18 = 1/3

Remaining work= 1 – (1/2+1/3)= 1/6

This work is done by C in 4 days i.e. C can complete the whole work in 24 days.

So, Ratio of work= 6/12 : 6/18 : 4/24

=1/2 : 1/3 : 1/6 = 3 : 2 : 1

Share of A= (3/6*1650)=Rs.825

Share of B= (2/6*1650)=Rs.550

Share of C=(1/6*1650)=Rs.275

3. A man X is driving to work. In order to reach office for meeting he drives faster and the speed is increased by 5km/h and he reached office 30 minutes early. Assuming that due to traffic his speed is decreased by 3 km/h he will be late for the meeting by 30 minutes. Calculate the Speed and the distance to the office?

A. 15km/h and 30km
B. 18km/h and 30km
C. 15km/h and 87km
D. 17km/h and 88km
E. None of these

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A. 15km/h and 30km

Let the distance be=x

Speed be=y

Time be=z

So according to question=

x/y – x/(y+5) = x/(y-3) – x/y

1/y – 1/(y+5) = 1/(y-3) – 1/y

(y+5-y)/[y(y+5)] = (y – y+3)/[(y-3)y]

5/[y+5] = 3/[y-3]

2y = 30

Y = 15km/h

Putting the value in the equation –

(y+5)*(z-30/60) = (y-3)*(z+30/60)

(y+5)*(2z-1) = (y-3)*(2z+1)

20*(2z-1) = 12*(2z+1)



Z=2hours (120 Minutes)


4. A maid borrowed money from 2 houses (X and Y) she works in. From X she borrowed money at an interest rate of 15% and from Y at the rate of 18%. The total money she borrowed was Rs. 24000. She paid Rs. 4050 as an interest in addition to the amount borrowed after 1 year. Find how much money she borrowed at 18% interest rate?

A. 12000
B. 13800
C. 15000
D. 20000
E. 25000

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C. 15000

Let the Sum at 15% be Rs. X

Then at 18% be Rs. (24000-x)

P1=x, R1=15


After 1 year T=1

(P1*T*R1)/100 * (P2*T*R2)100=4050

(x*1*15)/100 + {(24000-x)*1*18}/100=4050

15x + 432000 = 18x+405000


Money Borrowed at 15% =9000

Money Borrowed at 18%=(24000-9000)=15000

5. A business man invested in 2 types of Simple interest bearing securities ( S1 and S2). He invested in S1 at the rate of 6% p.a and 7% p.a. for the S2. After 2 years, he earned  Rs. 354. One fourth of the amount invested in S1 is equal to the one-fifth of the amount invested in S2. Calculate the total money the man invested in the securities?

A. 2500
B. 2700
C. 3500
D. 3400
E. 3000

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B. 2700

Let the sums be X and Y

R1=6, R2=7, T=2

(P1*R1*T)/100 + (P2*R2*T)/100 =354

(x*6*2)/100  + (y*7*2)/100 = 354

6x+7y = 17700

Also, x/4 = y/5

5x – 4y=0


Y= 1500


6. Due to an increase of 30% in the price of eggs, 3 eggs less are available for Rs 7.80. The present rate of eggs per dozen is:
A. Rs 8.64
B. Rs 8.88
C. Rs 9.36
D. Rs 10.40
E. None of these

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C. Rs.9.36

1 6.

7. A dishonest dealer marks up the price of his goods by 20% and gives a discount of 10% to the customer. He also uses a 900 gram weight instead of a 1 kilogram weight. Find his percentage profit due to these due to these maneuvers.
A. 8%
B. 12%
C. 20%
D. 16%
E. None of these

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C. 20%

1 7

8. Akram Ali left an amount of Rs 340000 to be divided between his two sons aged 10 years and 12 years such that both of them would get an equal amount when each attain 18 years age.What is the share of elder brother if the whole amount was invested at 10% simple interest?
A. 120000
B. 140000
C. 160000
D. 180000
E. None of these

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D. 180000

1 8

9. Abhishek started a business investing Rs 50,000. After one year he invested another Rs 30,000 and Sudin also joined him with a capital of Rs 70,000. If the profit earned in three years from the starting of business was Rs 87,500 then find the share of Sudin in the profit.
A. Rs 37,500
B. Rs 35,000
C. Rs 38,281
D. Rs 52,500
E. None of these

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B. 35000

1 9.

10.The ratio of males and females in a city is 7 : 8 and the percentage of children among males and females is 25% and 20% respectively. If the number of adult females in the city is 156800 what is the total population?
A. 245000
B. 367500
C. 196000
D. 171500
E. None of these

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B. 367500

1 10

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