Ports in India

A coastline of 7516.6 km India form a great peninsula for ports in India . Trade done on the ports of India is  95% by volume and 70% by value of total trade done by India is done through these ports. There are 13 major ports with around 200 notified minor and other ports.

Major ports in India are administered by central government whereas other 200 minor and other ports come under concurrent list administered by concerned states. The classification of ports in India is by administration convenience no any strict procedure of classification.

The 200 minor and other ports in India is as follows:-

·         Maharashtra- (48)

With Maharashtra maximum number of ports

·         Gujarat -(42)
·         Tamil Nadu- (15)
·         Karnataka -(10)
·         Kerala -(17)
·         Andhra Pradesh- (12)
·         Odisha -(13)
·         Goa- (5)
·         West Bengal- (1)
·         Daman and Diu- (2)
·         Lakshadweep- (10)
·         Pondicherry- (2)
·         Andaman & Nicobar- (23)

Major ports in India

There are 13 major ports in India on the both eastern and western coast.


Kandla port – Gujarat –on western cost

  • Located on gulf of Kutch
  • A tidal port
  • India’s largest port in volume of cargo handled by it( handles crude oil imports)
  • First export processing zone in India
  • First special economic zone to be established in India and Asia too.


Mumbai port-Maharashtra- on western coast

  • The biggest port in India with spacious and water-sheltered harbor
  • Handles 1/5th of foreign trades
  • Dry cargo and mineral oil to gulf country


Jawaharlal Nehru port (Nava sheva port)- Maharashtra-on western coast

  • Made to lessen burden on Mumbai port
  • Container shipments


Murmagao port- Goa- on western coast

  • Iron ore export port


Mangalore port- Karnataka- western coast

  • Deep water all weather port
  • Export iron ore from Kudremukh mines production
  • At gurupara river confluence with Arabian sea


Cochin port-Kerala-western coast

  • Natural port located at the entrance of a lagoon
  • Willington Island
  • Called as natural gateways


Tuticorin port-Tamil nadu- eastern coast

  • Named as V O Chidrambanar Port
  • Artificial deep-sea harbor
  • Located in Gulf of Mannar


Chennai port- Tamil nadu- eastern coast

  • Largest port in bay of Bengal
  • Oldest artificial port in India


Ennore port- Tamil nadu- eastern coast

  • Also known as karmajar port
  • Only corporatized port registered as a public company with 68% shares with government


Visakhapatnam port –Andhra Pradesh- eastern coast

  • Deepest land locked and well protected


Paradip port-odisha-eastern coast

  • Artificial and deep water port
  • At confluence of river Mahanadi with bay of Bengal


Kolkata port-eastern coast –west Bengal

  • Only riverine major port in India
  • Twin docks i.e. kolkatta and haldia
  • On the western banks of river hugly

Port blair port- Andaman nicobar island

  • 13th and youngest port


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