National Parks Wildlife Sanctuaries
National Parks Wildlife Sanctuaries

National Parks In India

The Section General Awareness is a combined mixture of Static, Current & financial topics. To score more in the competitive examination it is important for an aspirant to cover all the topics being asked under this section. So, today we are sharing Best Way to Remember National Parks In India which will help you to know more about National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries in India.

This “National Parks In India “ is very important for Upcoming UPSC, MPPCS, Banking Exam, Syndicate PO, Canara Bank PO, SBI Clerk Mains, IDBI Executive and other competitive exams. In many competitive examinations, questions are asked from National Park.

Best Trick to Remember National Parks and Sanctuaries Of India | राष्ट्रीय उद्यान और अभयारण्य

This series of national parks is very helpful for candidates who are preparing for any government examination. Specially UPSC, SSC candidates are asked regularly. This series is very extensive series witch details that can be asked like river in national park or wildlife in that national parks.

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National parks in Madhya Pradesh

National parks in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya pardesh is very important state as it contains good number of national park in north central india. Wildlife found here is of more or less same so we have given first list of wildlife found here with their status in IUCN.

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Madhya Pardesh

Name of wildlife Picture Local name IUCN status Special comments
Bengal tiger  bengal tiger Bengal tiger Endangered
Leopard  leopard2 Leopard Vulnerable
Gaur  gaur3 Indian bison Vulnerable Largest surviving bovine.
Nilgai  nilgai4 Roz Least concerned Largest Asian antelope. Endemic to Indian subcontinent.
Cheetal  cheetal 5 Spotted deer Least concerned
Sambhar deer  ambhar deer Sambhar deer Vulnerable Largest deer native to Indian subcontinent
Indian muntjac  indian muntjac Barking deer, red deer Least concerned
Barasingha  barasingha Swamp deer vulnerable Antlers carry more than three tines
Mouse deer  mouse deer Least concerned
Indian palm civet  indian palm civet Least concerned
Four horned antelope  four horned antelope Chousingha Vulnerable
Black buck  black buck Near threatened
Sloth bear  sloth bear Vulnerable Nocturnal insectivorous
Common langur  ommon langur Hanuman langur Pretty much seen by everyone
Dhole  dhole Indian wild dog Endangered Social animal
Stripped hyna  stripped heyna Near threatened
Indian giant squirrel  indian giant squirell Least concerned
Indian flying squirrel  indain flying squirell Least concerned


Bandhavgarh National Park:-

  • One of the highest tiger population.
  • Bandhavgarh means “brothers fort”(Mythological story of RAMA and lakshmana
  • Tiger is main attraction.
  • Deciduous forest
  • Sal tree in abundance

Madhav National Park :

  • Name derived from ruler of Gwalior Madhav rao sindhia
  • George castle at its highest point
  • Chandrapatha lake(artificial lake)-famous for winter migratory bird.
  • Manier river
  • Sakhya sagar lake, Madhav sagar lake

Kanha National Park:-

  • Inspired Rudyard kliping’s imagination for Jungle Book(MOGLI)
  • Moist deciduous forest
  • Sal trees and bamboo
  • Ghost tree(complete white color tree)
  • Open meadow and grassland around sal trees

Panna National Park( Tiger Reserve)

  • Famous in 2009 because entire population of tiger get poached due to nexus between forest officers and poachers.
  • Ken river catchment area

Pench Tiger Reserve:-

  • Teak forest
  • Ghost trees
  • Pench river

Sanjay National Park:-

  • Part of sanjay-dubri tiger reserve
  • Part of it went to chattisgarh named as Guru Ghasidas National Park
  • Sal forest

Satpura National Park:-

  • Adjoining Bori and Panchmarhi wildlife sanctuary-it is central higgland ecosystem.
  • Terrain is extremely rugged and cosists of sandstone peaks, narrow george
  • Ravine and dense forest
  • Dhoopgarh peak

Van Vihar National Park:-

  • Wildlife in captivity(like a zoo)

Mandla Plant Fossil Park:-

  • Plan fossils
  • Fossils of mollusk in narmada rift

Ghughu Fossil Park

We  have tried our best to cover each national park and their important parts and wildlife. This series of national parks will be short notes for prelims in UPSC and SSC.

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