How to Prepare for an Essay Exam: Organizational Aspects and Writing Tips
How to Prepare for an Essay Exam: Organizational Aspects and Writing Tips

Essay exams are tests that you need to learn to overcome. They are an indispensable part of fun student life, an indispensable attribute of student happiness. Each person should independently develop own personal rules for preparing and passing essay exams, focusing on own capabilities and desires in self-realization, as well as the well-known general approaches shown, in particular, in this article.

Organizational Aspects of Essay Exam Preparation

It is better to start preparing for the essay exam at a certain time of the day: preferably in the morning, at 9-10 o’clock. Every 40-50 minutes of work, you need to take a break for 10-15 minutes. During the break, it is useful to move, you can dance a little, do a few breathing exercises, drink water, have a snack. At the same time, it is better to avoid eating heavy food in large quantities, after that it usually tends to sleep and you can forget about concentration for 2-3 hours. For active brain work, it is useful to take more liquids (water, green tea, fruit drinks, etc.).

Psychological preparation for the essay exam is carried out already during this period. It depends on personal characteristics and life experience, external conditions for the implementation of training. In this regard, the techniques of self-organization of the preparation period for the essay exam are important:

  1. Plan your time in advance so that nothing distracts you during the hours of study;
  2. Getting started, first organize your workplace: try to remove all unnecessary things from the desk, and arrange textbooks, paper, pencils, training manuals conveniently;
  3. When starting work, mobilize your will as much as possible, stop thinking about what occupied your thoughts before that. The best way is to preview the material, draw up a plan for the upcoming work;
  4. Stability of attention largely depends on how well you understand the material being studied;
  5. If anxiety about the upcoming essay exam, extraneous thoughts interfere with focusing on the educational material, then take notes or read the material aloud;
  6. Alternate reading with retelling, solving problems, as this prevents the onset of a mental state of monotony, in which the stability of attention decreases. However, this change should not be too frequent. This leads to unnecessary fuss, superficial perception of the material;
  7. If in the process of reading you suddenly realize that you have been distracted for a while, force yourself to immediately return to the place where the distraction occurred. It is quite easy to define it: all the previous text will be perceived as unfamiliar upon repeated reading. Mandatory returns will not only ensure mastery of the perceived material but will also contribute to an increase in the overall sustainability of attention;
  8. Be aware of mental hygiene, adequate lighting, and room temperature. Try not to get distracted! Concentrate! Rejoice in the fulfillment of your plan, the feeling of fullness of knowledge!

Essay Writing Guidelines

Within the framework of this article, it also seems appropriate to give you a number of guidelines for effective essay writing:

  • When writing the paper, follow the traditional structure: introduction, main body, conclusion;
  • In the introduction, the relevance of the selected topic is substantiated, the goals of the work and the main issues that are supposed to be disclosed in the essay are formulated, the materials used are indicated and their brief description is given in terms of the completeness of coverage of the selected topic;
  • The main part of the essay can be represented by one or more chapters, which can include 2-3 paragraphs (subparagraphs). Here, the main provisions of the sources used are presented quite fully and logically, all paragraphs of the plan are revealed, while maintaining the connection between them and the sequence of transition from one to another;
  • It is recommended to present the material in the essay in your own words, avoiding verbatim rewriting from literary sources. Links to primary sources are required in the text;
  • The work must be written in a competent literary language. Abbreviations of words in the text are not allowed, except for well-known abbreviations;
  • In the conclusion, the material presented in the main part is usually summarized, general conclusions are formulated. Conclusions are made taking into account the various points of view published in the literature, comparing them, and the author’s personal opinion.

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