5 Ways to Pass an Exam Without Studying

Generally, to pass an exam or test, you need to study. However, what if you do not have the time or don’t want to study at all? Then there are ways to go about it, and this is what this article is all about.

Are you one of those asking if there is any possible way to pass an exam without studying? Well, the answer is yes. Of course, it may require you to do some smart things and take some test preps. Talking about test prep, you can find some amazing platforms that offer them by checking this Target Test Prep review platform. That being said, below are how you can pass without necessarily studying. At least in the traditional conventional way.

This article will outline 5 successful tips that you can use to pass an exam without having to study.

Do Assignments

It is important to always do some assignments. Even if you cannot do the work yourself, then getting a colleague to put you through it can go a long way to help. You could also hire the service of an online professional to help you out. Some firms offer assignment solutions services like this page, where you can meet experts there to help you work out your homework. After the submission, you can check out the answer. Most times, after checking the answers and a similar question comes in the exam, you have a high chance of correctly passing it.

Practice composure

Maintaining your composure when you haven’t studied for an exam is complex. Numerous surveys have shown that at least 85% of students who didn’t study well lose calm before any exam. It’s not losing your calm that is important, but what happens to your brain when you do. Anxiety puts your brain into a state of unrest. And unrest will not serve your purpose well.

Passing any exam without studying will require a certain level of calm and confidence. Students usually develop this confidence after studying rigorously. Without study, you have to trust in your abilities and be positive. Trusting your skills and initiative is the only way to walk into an exam room with optimism without studying.

Passing an exam is less physical and more intellectual. You have to be very watchful of your mental state. Anxiety will make you lose trust in your abilities, thus failing the test before it begins. Let calm and composure be with you before you practice the other hacks that will follow.

The instant you panic, you’ll never be sure what you’re doing. Having not studied, you’ll need a certain level of boldness to decide on your answers.

Keep your imagination open.

Having studied, a student will probably know the answers to the questions verbatim. However, you’ll need a certain thinking power level to get answers right on the flip side. The more reason, composure is essential. A disturbed mind will take too long to craft answers, and time will not be on your side.

Your creative initiative is essential when writing an exam you didn’t study for. The average student has enough background knowledge to write any course he has been taught. As long as you have been taught these courses, you have enough underlying knowledge to pass the exam. You just need to use your imagination to craft the answers.

If you use your imagination well enough, your answers will be close enough to the verbatim on your note or textbooks. Hence, your answers should merit at least 80% of the score awarded to the precise answers. You need a certain level of self-confidence to trust your initiative enough to pull this off.

Engage in Fun Activities related to your course

Ever thought of joining any extracurricular activity that is fun yet related to your subjects. For example, you could organize a group of friends and throw random class-related questions, with those failing to answer having to do something that causes a funny red face moment. Like this article here, it shows that there are certain online methods and software that you can engage in different activities with other people who study with you. That way, you may end up with many helpful ideas that could help you get answers to certain questions in the exam. This does not always work, but it’s worth the try.

Attempt the simple questions first

This hack is crucial to the process. As you start the exam, you will need to build confidence. Answering the simplest questions first and getting them right will build your morale. On the flip side, you could lose all your composure if you start with complex questions and struggle.

Attempting the straightforward questions first will keep you confident. These simple questions could also give you clues on tackling the difficult ones. When you begin your exam, scan the questions and mark the simple tests. Make sure to put your answers as best as you can. Finally, avoid spending too much time on the simple tests, as you will need time to solve the hard ones.


Guessing should only be applied to the difficult answers you cannot solve. By guessing here, we are not referring to picking your answer randomly. Guessing here means using your initiative to determine the most probable answer.

To guess correctly, you need to spend some time on the question. Once that is done, your intellectual intuition will naturally determine the most probable answers. The strategy works the same in dealing with calculations and even theory-based courses.

The more time you spend on the question, the more insight you will get into the formulas and theories. When you get enough insight, go ahead and pick the most probable solution. Summarily, guessing can be a handy tool; for writing an exam without studying. However, you have to be careful not to make wild guesses. Wild guesses will not improve your chances of success in any way.


All the steps listed in this article are helpful if you want to pass a test or exam without studying. However, you should know that the best assurance you can have is to study. That way, the risk of falling is reduced. Generally, it is all about proper time management and discipline, and once you have those two fixed, you will have a higher chance of studying adequately for any exam.

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