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Set of general knowledge questions on History – Set-C

Q –1 Consider the following statements.

(i)  Pliny’s Natural History which was written in 1st A D, in Latin, tells about trade between India and Italy.

(ii) Periplus of the Erythnean sea and ptolemy’s geography, both written provides valuable data for the study of ancient geography and commerce.

(iii)   Fa-hsien describes the social religious and economic conditions of India in the age of the Mauryas.

Select the correct answer

(A)   Only (i)

(B) Only (i) and (ii)

(C) (ii) and (iii)

(D)   All of these

Q –2 The Indus valley civilization is associated with-

(A)     Egyptians

(B) Sumerians

(C) Chinese

(D)   Mesopotamians

Q –3 The Indus valley civilization is important because-

(A) It established the period of civilization in India.

(B) It has a language

(C) Civic amenities were present

(D)  the belief in divine power.

Q –4 Match list with list II

List I (Book)

  1. A history of ancient India
  2. History and culture of the Indian people
  3. The civilization of Ancient India in historical outline
  4. Hindu polity

List II (Book)

A). K.P. Jayswal

B). K.A. Nilkanta Sastri

C)R.C. Majumdar

D). D.D Kosambi

Select the correct codes

1      2          3          4

(A)    A     D         B         D

(B)     B      C         A       D

(C)     B      C         D       A

(D)    A     B         D         A

Q –5 Which the following statements about Balban are correct

(1) He propounded the theory of kingship and restored peace in the Doab.

(2) ended the Turkish robilily chalisa or the group of forty.

(3) He formed Diwan-i-arz or department of military affairs.

(4) He declared himself Naib-i-khudai or deputy of God.

(A) 1, 2 and 3

(B) Only 2

(C) 2 and 4

(D) All of these

Q –6 The Sultan of Delhi who is reputed to here built the biggest Network of canals in India was-

(A) Iltumish

(B) Ghiyasuddin Tughlaq

(C) Firoz shah Tughlaq

(D) Sikander Lodi

Q –7 To strengthen the working of the military power, Alauddin Khiliji introduced-

(A)   Introduction or the system of branding (dagh) of horses.

(B) Payment of cash salaries to soldiers

(C) Preparation of a regular minister of the armed forces.

(D)   All of the above

Q –8 The first Sultan of Delhi, who did not allow the ulemas to interfere, in political and administrative affairs was-

(A) Balban

(B) Ala-ud-din- Khilji

(C) Mohd-bin-Tughlaq

(D) Ferozeshah Tughlaq

Q –9 the chief Dutch export was from coromonodel port was

(A)       Indigo

(B)       Salt petre

(C)       Spices

(D)       Textiles

Q –10  The Nawab at Bengal into transferred the capital from Dhaka to Murshidabad was-

(A)       Mir Qasim

(B)       Siraj-ud-daulah

(C)       Murshid Quli Khan

(D)       Mir Jafar


Correct Answers

  1. Ans– (B) explanation– Fa-hsien a chinese, and Buddhist traveler came in the first C.A.D. His study give detail study of Gupta age.
  2. Ans– (D)        explanation– Trade with Mesopotamia has flourished. Excanation formed the relation of Indus valley with Mesopotamians.
  3. Ans– (A) explanation– The excavation of Indus civilization took the period of Indian history beyond vedic period.
  4. Ans– (C)        explanation– These all historian gave a unique picture of Indian Ancient History through their research in Ancient India.
  5. Ans– (D) explanation– Ghiyasudin Balban ascended the throne in 1266 and ruled till 1287.
  6. Ans– (C)explanation– In order to encourage agriculture, the Sultan paid a lot of attention to irrigation. He repaired a number of canals and imposed Haque-i-sharib or Hasil-i-sharb (water fax).
  7. Ans– (D)explanation– Alauddin Khilji ruled from 1296 to 1316 A.D and made lot of Administrative reform.
  8. Ans– (B)explanation– Alauddin Khilji did not paid much attention over ulemas in affairs of state.
  9. Ans– (D)explanation– textile was demanded in European market
  10. Ans– (C) explanation– Murshidabad is named after Murshid Quli Khan. He ruled Bengal from 1717-1727 AD.

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