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Welcome to Online Quant Section  in Here we are providing a set of Quantitative Aptitude Quiz for SBI PO 2017 on Data Interpretation .

Direction (1-5): Read the following graph carefully and answer the questions given below.

Bar graph shows the production (in litres) of Olive oil and Sunflower oil by a firm in 6 di͏fferent years and the line graph shows the percentage of these two oils exported in respective years.

1.Find the quantity of Olive oil exported throughout the given years?
A. 11342 l
B. 11440 l
C. 11442 l
D. 11242 l
E. None of the

2.What is the ratio of sunflower oil exported in 2011 to Olive oil exported in 2014 ?
A. 16 : 31
B. 15 : 29
C. 16 : 29
D. 29 : 16
E. None of these

3.What is the approximate percentage increase in the export of Olive oil during year 2015-16?
A. 135%
B. 140%
C. 130%
D. 132%
E. 148%

4.What is the di͏fference in the average quantity, of the two oils produced in all the years

A. 883 1/3
B. 883 2/3
C. 883.57
D. 883
E. None of these

5.Find the quantity of Sunflower oil that was not exported from year 2012 to 2014.
A. 5007 l
B. 5107 l
C. 5200 l
D. 5207 l
E. None of these

Missing Data Interpretation for SBI PO 

Directions (6-10)The following table shows the monthly income and various expenditures of six friends in absolute value or in percentage(in terms of total income). Some values are missing which you are expected to calculate if required.

Note:1. Incentive amounts to 15% of salary and all friends save 40% of their total income (salary
+ incentive)
2. There is no expenditure other than the given expenditures.

6.Find the total amount (in Rs) expended by all friends together on travelling?
A. 42817
B. 42871
C. 41817
D. 41781
E. None of these

7.Find the di͏fference in the amount spent by Gaurav on parties and Marketing together and that of Arunoday on Accomodation?
A. 5656
B. 5776
C. 5756
D. 5576
E. None of these

8.What amount is saved by all friends together?
A. Rs 126880
B. Rs 118680
C. Rs 118860
D. Rs 181680
E. None of these

9.Total amount income of Mohit is by what amount less than that of Babu?
A. Rs 2300
B. Rs 23600
C. Rs 27600
D. Rs 2700
E. None of these

10.Expenditure by Babu on Travelling constitutes what percent (Approx.) of salary of Mohan?
A. 30%
B. 38%
C. 32%
D. 34%
E. 80%

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