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Set of general knowledge questions on Geography.



Q.1Which one of the following is the water sequence of  the four stages of water movement in a hydrological cycle?

(a)  Evaporation- Condensation- Precipitation- Infiltration

(b)  Evaporation- Precipitation- Condensation- Infiltration

(c)  Infiltration- Evaporation- Condensation- Precipitation

(d)  Condensation- Precipitation- Evaporation- Infiltration


Q.2 Consider the following conditions

  1. Low precipitation with high evaporation.
  2. Anticyclone conditions with static air and high temperature.
  3. Cyclonic conditions with unstable air.
  4. High precipitation with high evaporation high salinity of ocean waters is associated with.

(a)1 and 2                        (b)  2 and 3

(c)  2 and 4                      (d) All of these


Q.3 At which one of the following places do two important rivers of India originate; while one of them flows towards North and merges with another important river flowing towards Bay of Bengal, the other one flows towards Arabian Sea?

(a)  Amarkantak

(b)  Badrianath

(c)  Mahabaleshwar

(d)  Nasik


Q.4 In India which one of the following States has the largest inland saline wetland?

(a)  Gujarat

(b)  Haryana

(c)  Madhya Pradesh

(d)  Rajasthan


Q.5 The lower Gangetic plain is characterized by humid climate with high temperature throughout the year. Which one among the following pairs of crops is most suitable for this region?

(a)  Paddy and cotton

(b)  Wheat and jute

(c)  Paddy and jute

(d)  Wheat and cotton


Q.6 Match the following

List I                                      List II 

(National Park)                  (Species)

  1. Kanha Brow             Antlered
  2. Velavador                 Hangul
  3. Dachigam               Swamp deer
  4. Keibul Lamjo           Black buck


A  B C D                      A  B C  D

(a)2   3  4  1                     (b)  3  4  2   1

 (c)   1   4  3  2                  (d)  2  1  3   4


Q.7 Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists

List I                                                                   List II 

(National Park/Wildlife Sanctuary)        (Nearby Town)

  1. Chandra Prabha                            1. Jaipur
  2. Karera                                            2. Jhansi
  3. Jaisamand                                     3. Agra
  4. Nahargarh                                     4. Varanas
  5.                                                        5. Udaipur


A  B C D                      A  B C  D

(a)4   1  5  2                        (b)  5  2  3   2

(c)   4  2  5  1                       (d)  5  1  3   2


Q.8 Identify the wrong statement

(a)  Khadar soils are more sandy in composition than bhangar soils

(b)  Regur is an intrazonal soil

(c)  Red soil is a zonal soil

(d)  The areas by affected by wind erosion on a an extensive scale in called Chhos  


Q.9 Which of the following statements regarding lateritic soils of India are correct?

  1. Laterites are generally red in color.
  2. ‘Laterites are rich in nitrogen in potash.
  3. These are well developed in Rajasthan and UP.
  4. Tapioca and cashew nuts grow well on this soil.

Select the correct answer using he codes given below

(a)  1, 2 and 3                    (b)  2, 3 and 4

(c)  1 and 4                        (d) 2 and 3


Q.10 Consider the following crops

  1. Cotton.
  2. Groundnut.
  3. Rice.
  4. Wheat.

Which of above are Kharif crops?

(a)1 and 4                                  (b)  2 and 3

(c)  1, 2  and 3                           (d)  3 and 4






Ans.1- A

Ans.2- A

Ans.3- a

Ans.4- d

Ans.5- c

Ans.6- b

Ans.7- c




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