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New Pattern Double Fillers Questions for Banking & Insurance Exams. Fill in the Blanks Questions. If you are preparing for upcoming SBI PO/Clerk, RBI Assistant Mains, IBPS PO/Clerk, SEBI Grade A and others exam, you will come across a section on the English language Section. Here we are providing you Fill in the Blanks Questions for Banking & Insurance Exams, based on the latest pattern of your daily practice.

Fill in the Blanks Questions will help you learn concepts on important topics in English Section. This “Fill in the Blanks Questions” is also important for other banking exams such as SBI Clerk, IDBI Executive and Syndicate PO, IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, SBI Clerk, IBPS RRB Officer, IBPS RRB Office Assistant, IBPS SO, SBI SO, SEBI, NABARD, RBI and other competitive exams.

Fill In The Blanks (Fillers) Questions | Set- 8

Directions:-(1-5) Each question below has two- three blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits the meaning of the sentence as a whole.

1. As the boat ______, all those on board fortunately managed to reach the bank of the river ______ with the help of the life boats.
A. capasized, drowned
B. fell, harmlessly
C. dropped, uninjured
D. deceased, unhurt
E. sank, safely

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Correct Answer – E. sank, safely

Explanation: ‘sank, safely’ is the correct use.

2.Ashima ______ her team with a log of skill and the ____ increase in the sales by the team is a measure of her success.
A. dominates, poor
B. condemns, sudden
C. manages, significant
D. directs, worthless
E. overpowers, exceptional

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Correct Answer – C. manages, significant

Explanation:- ‘manages, significant’ is the correct use where ‘significant’ means sufficiently great or important to be worthy of attention.

3. On being asked for the passport, he _____ to his dismay that he had _____ to bring it along with him to the airport.
A. shocked, failed
B. realized, forgotten
C. pleaded, neglected
D. understood, lost
E. recognized, missed

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Correct Answer – B. realized, forgotten

Explanation:- ‘realized, forgotten’ is the correct use.

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4.Helen quickly _____ the career ladder and is now the ____ managing director, the company has ever appointed.
A. jumped, shortest
B. entered, oldest
C. started, junior most
D. climbed, youngest
E. ascended, inexperienced

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Correct Answer – D. climbed, youngest

Explanation:-‘climbed, youngest’ is the correct use.

5.A famous economist says that the government should do more to _____ jobs in the area in order to curb the _____ rate of unemployment.
A. create, rising
B. need, increasing
C. employ, high
D. invent, growing
E. generate, slowing

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Correct Answer – A. create, rising

Explanation:-‘create, rising’ is the correct use.

6.The problem of housing shortage …………. with the population explosion has also been ……….. by this policy.
A. projected, discussed
B. threatened, manifested
C. dispensed, acknowledged
D. compounded, addressed
E. united, heralded

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Correct Answer –D. compounded, addressed

Explanation:-‘Compounded’ here means ‘combined’ or ‘added to’.

7.The quality of …………. between individuals and the organization for which they work can be ………… to the benefit of both parties.
A. life, conceptualized
B. service, evaluated
C. interaction, improved
D. sophistication, developed
E. development, impeded

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Correct Answer –C. interaction, improved

Explanation:-‘Interaction’ becomes necessary as the phrase ‘between individuals and the organisation’ follows.

8.Handicrafts constitute an important …………. of the decentralized sector of India’s economy and ………….. employment to over six million artisans.
A. factor, aims
B. segment, provides
C. extension, plants
D. period, projects
E. element, retards

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Correct Answer –B. segment, provides

Explanation:-‘segment, provides’ is the correct use.

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9.In one shocking instance of …………. research, one of the nations’s most influential researchers in the field of genetics reported on experiments that were never carried out and published ………… scientific papers on his non-existent work.
A. comprehensive, abstract
B. theoretical, challenging
C. fraudulent, deceptive
D. erroneous, impartial
E. spontaneous, false

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Correct Answer –C. fraudulent, deceptive

Explanation:-A ‘fraudulent’ research is one achieved by unfair means (fraud). ‘Deceptive’ means ‘capable of deception’ or ‘misleading’. Though ‘false’ of option (e) will suit the second blank, ‘spontaneous’ will not fit the first blank.

10. Her novel published to universal acclaim, her literary gifts; her reputation as yet ………… by envious slights, Hurston clearly was at the …………. of her carrier.
A. undamaged, ebb
B. untarnished, zenith
C. unmarred, brink
D. untainted, extremity
E. unstained, end

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Correct Answer –B. untarnished, zenith

Explanation:-‘Untarnished’ means ‘untainted’. Though the first word in all the given options will suit the first blank, only ‘zenith’ (‘the top’) will suit the second blank (‘ebb’ means a state of decline, conveying a meaning opposite to ‘zenith’; use of ‘brink’ would not suit the meaning of the sentence; ‘extremity’ means ‘the terminal or end part’ as does ‘end’).


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