100 Important Fill in the Blank Questions PDF with Explanation for IBPS PO Pre 2019, IBPS Clerk - Download Free
100 Important Fill in the Blank Questions PDF with Explanation for IBPS PO Pre 2019, IBPS Clerk - Download Free
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Fill in the Blank Questions PDF with Explanation for IBPS PO 2020

In this article, you will get 100 important fill in the blanks questions pdf with the solution for IBPS PO 2020 and IBPS Clerk 2020.  As many important competitive exams are approaching (especially banking exams like IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, IBPS SO, SBI PO) you must give head-start to your preparation by preparing yourself in the best possible manner.

Now, whenever it comes to Bank PO Exams, specifically IBPS PO Prelims or SBI PO Prelims it is the English Section (English Language Section) that makes the difference. And among various topics of English Section, Fill in the Blanks is one such important topic that offers all the aspirants an opportunity to gain full marks if one is good at it. The topic Fill in the Blanks is important not only for Bank PO Exams but also for any other competitive exams like SSC CGL, MAT, CLAT, etc.

Important Fill in the Blanks Questions PDF with Explanation for Banking Exams

In a general question of Fill in the Blanks we at LST provide, a set is given and a set of words are omitted or left as blanks and five options or we should say ‘words’ are given for each blank. We are required to choose correct options (correct set of words that fill in the blanks in the sentence) to gain the marks meant for the right answer. Here are few questions important Fill in Blanks Questions for IBPS PO 2020 from PDF and you can download pdf with the link given below.

Directions: The following question has two blanks, each blank indicating that something has been omitted. Choose the set of words for each blank that best fits in the context of the sentence.

1. Partnerships with edtech firms help students __________ their skills and become __________ to the ecosystem.

  1. hone, relevant
  2. model, master
  3. polish, controlling
  4. love, bigger
  5. categorize, cogs

2. The goods and services tax creates __________ trails across the income and production chain, and is driving __________ of the economy and better measures of MSME value addition and cash flow.

  1. assessment, securitization
  2. audit, formalization
  3. withering, work
  4. inspection, denizens
  5. broad, stages

3. The bank holding company structure __________ by the P.J. Nayak Committee, among others, involves __________ the government’s shareholding to below 52 per cent and routing it through a holding company.

  1. suggested, investing
  2. recommended, divesting
  3. forwarded, controlling
  4. donated, pursuing
  5. discarded, eliminating

4. The government must focus on water __________ , protection of water bodies, bumping up distribution networks and make rainwater __________ a mandatory feature in new housing.

  1. preservation, harbouring
  2. fermentation, issuing
  3. conservation, harvesting
  4. management, humouring
  5. existence, queuing

5. Having __________ this victory, New Delhi must now chart the future course of its __________ with Pakistan.

  1. secured, relations
  2. lost, promotions
  3. fortified, facilities
  4. expressed, viewership
  5. enhanced, brotherhood

6. The need is to __________ housing stock to a level where people do not have to spend a large slice of their income on rent and to have sensible rent laws that foster a market for  rented accommodation, rather than hoarding of empty houses by owners fearful of losing possession of their investment to permanent __________ .

  1. augment, shareholders
  2. explain, builders
  3. expand, companies
  4. boost, tenants
  5. make, promoters

7. Besides issues regarding peace and stability in the region, Modi __________ India’s energy concerns and said although Iran supplied as much as 11% of its needs, it had reduced oil __________ from the West Asian country even though this hurt the economy.

  1. described, exports
  2. studied, security
  3. delineated, imports
  4. explained, projects
  5. reduced, responsibility

8.The government must consider setting up a __________ agency under the ministry of labour to deal with developing standards, monitoring establishments, and __________ of standards across the economy.

  1. dedicated, enforcement
  2. recurrent, solemnity
  3. committed, seriousness
  4. exclusive, mantle
  5. dodgy, cooperation

9. To believe that the problem of __________ journals on the UGC’s white list is the sole issue awaiting __________ in the university would be naive.

  1. dangerous, test
  2. silly, visit
  3. dubious, resolution
  4. future, development
  5. useless, help

10. It is the Centre’s responsibility to ensure that the Environment Protection Act, the __________ law that enables anti-pollution rules to be issued, is __________ in letter and spirit.

  1. overarching, implemented
  2. ancient, assumed
  3. principal, controlled
  4. primary, rejected
  5. controlling, gone

Fill in the Blank Questions PDF with Explanation 

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On this page Let’s Study Together is providing fill in the blanks questions with PDF, in this fill in the blanks questions PDF for IBPS PO 2020, you will get different types of fill in the blanks questions in the form of Quizzes like fill in the blanks questions. We hope this pdf will help you to practice important Fill in the Blanks Questions PDF for IBPS PO Pre 2020.

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