Why So Many Indians Study and Work in Canada?

Canada- The Land Of Opportunity

Canada has proven to be a land of opportunities for Indians for more than five decades now. The Canadian government has been supportive to International crowd. And its support to the Indian diaspora in particular has been immense over the years many communities and Citizens from India have migrated permanently to Canada going to the immense opportunities that Canada has offered these people in terms of Education business and normal employment. The quality of life that people in Canada are living today is surely way ahead of what an average Indian citizen is entitled to at the present moment. Probably it is the only reason that has forced. A huge number of people to migrate from India to Canada Even in the present day students and professionals who have attained training in their respective fields are looking to move out to Canada in search of better opportunities. Even the Canadian government has not disappointed the people migrating from India as they have not tightened their visa rules for Indians. Over the years

Reasons to Move to Canada

If we take a look at all the possible reasons, which can be stated for this reason of Indian people migrating in such large numbers to Canada then the list may be endless to say the least. The reason  why we say so is that over the years the Canadian government has evolved its own policies in the lieu of the large Indian Crowd that has been Migrating to their country. By doing so the Canadian government has taken proper care of Indian citizens that have entered their country, which has made life easier for Indians in Canada. The other reasons why Indians are most commonly preferring Canada as an option for their migration is the presence of a huge Indian diaspora already in the country. As stated above Indians have been moving out to Canada from the past five decades and now the Indian Community in  Canada is a prominent part of their demography. Canada has proven to be a sea of opportunities for Indians. The Employers in Canada have readily given employment to Indians. The reason behind this is two fold. The first reason is that Indians migrating to Canada are a form of cheap labor for these Canadian employers, so they are able to get a good workforce in form of the Indians which they are happy to employ at any time of the year. The second reason why Employers in Canada are looking out for Indians in particular to employ in their firms is that it is no hidden fact that Indians are hard-working professionals and have a general intelligence quotient which is higher than many communities all across the world thus by obtaining a cheap and skilled labor force the Canadian employers are happy in giving jobs to Indians in particular.

Students off to Canada

Most of the people who are migrating to Canada in the present date are actually students who are willing to pursue their higher education in the National universities of Canada. The reason why these students are keen on continuing their education in Canada is that Canada has used the rules for all those people who have completed higher education from Canada itself. In the processes of Licensing and finding employment in their countries the second reason why students are moving out to Canada in search of courses at their National University is that over the years Canada has emerged as an educational Hub and many of its National universities have made it to the top rankings of educational institutions all across the world. Therefore as experts suggest it is among the best time for Students to migrate out and study in Canada. Courses in the fields of engineering medicine agriculture Liberal arts Finance and management are the most sought-after courses in Canada by Indian students today.

If we see on the global level then Canada has had great relations with India as A political entity.

The political ties between India and Canada have forever been very healthy and this is the reason why the rules for Indians migrating to Canada have never been tightened Beyond certain limits and have rather been eased from time to time.

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