Picture the toughest exam you’ve ever faced. Feel the wetness on your palms, the wheels in your head as you try to recall, and the fear that strikes when you feel an answer slipping away. The air is far from agreeable. It is not because you are not ready. You just understand how significant it is that you pass. This is the feeling of each candidate who takes the Probationary Officer (PO) entry exam.

Many of the reputable banks in India — both the public sector banks, corporate and private banks, recruit Probationary Officers through PO exams. In an application to get an entry-level role like Junior Management, the applicant must provide the certification. And when a person, tired of playing at the bottom leagues of the banking sector, applies for a promotion, this has to come with a PO exam certification.

Probationary Officer exam is the first step to administrative positions in the banking industry. A recent graduate with 60 per cent in their undergraduate studies becomes qualified for the exam. Those that qualify will report to top managerial officers with expertise in the bank, thereby performing as their mentors and guardians. Each bank will set up probationary officers to diverse sections per the probation period. In the long run, the POs would have understood the overall bank operations and gain experience (Des Raj, 2020).


The tests are the Institute of Banking Personnel Selection PO Exam (IBPS) and the State Bank of India PO exam (SBI). They aim to check every candidate’s understanding of affairs happening in India while ensuring grammar and vocabulary building. That is covered in the descriptive paper. A candidate who passes the exam is announcing that they are vast in the general cases of India and are qualified to the banking industry.

SBI PO descriptive paper — a combination of both essay and letter writing — is part of the primary stage of the assessment. It includes both descriptive and multiple-choice tests. Marks scored in each of these tests accumulate into final merit for the SBI PO recruitment. Completing this exam is a sure path to getting an officer-level duty in banks after graduation (Akansha, 2020).

The Bank of India conducts the SBI PO exam each year. They do not guarantee selection for most of the candidates who apply for the exam. Out of the bulk, they select only a few. This solely depends on the vacancies available.

In 2020, the experience of the main exam varied. The Reasoning & Computer Aptitude section was moderate, Data Analysis & Interpretation section was hard, General/Economy/Banking Awareness was comparatively easy, English Language department was from easy to moderate, depending on the candidate. The descriptive evaluation of SBI PO main exam was moderate (Shiksha, 2020).


Most writing website will inform you that writing involves the usage of word and phrases to create meaning. The fact in this is not farfetched. When preparing to write an essay, each act has to be geared towards passing across a certain message as prescribed by the topic guide (ByJus, 2020). Listed below are a few basic preparations for essay writing and letter writing:


  • Use fundamental grammar. You may learn this from some other normal grammar books. It helps to make the language easier to grasp.
  • Form powerful language by learning unfamiliar words every day and implementing those words in sentences. Doing so consistently will decrease forgetting during the exam.
  • Newspapers are a means to learn how to use words in sentences. Standard English magazines also enhance writing skills.
  • Consistently practise essay writing topics i.e. the trending and recent affairs since they’re the most used themes for writing in PO recruitment.
  • Boost assurance in your confidence and skills by practising writing a formal letter on varied topics.


  • Consistently introduce the topic first. What should follow are the specifics which are positives, negatives, and hints.
  • Have a decision in the end.
  • Every essay has to be neutral. Do not make a political statement or become an activist. This opens the room for bias and might pit you against the markers.
  • Do away with unnecessary issues
  • It is not private, so don’t make your essay a manifestation of your personal life.
  • There must be facts to support each argument or stance or submission. While doing so, except said, avoid criticizing.
  • The top advice on writepaperforme reviews is to consider the topic. If one does so properly, it provides a guide to what angle must come in the article.


  • Be sure about the pattern of letter writing you are using. Know the difference between a formal and informal letter.
  • Every stage has to be concise and straight to the point. Try to not be verbose on your delivery.
  • Active voice beats on the passive daily. Know the difference between those, it will almost certainly help your essay.
  • Use precise facts always, and each detail has to be in the letter.
  • Don’t be subtle about your points. Go hard or go home.
  • Most especially, each candidate should watch out for grammatical errors in the PO descriptive exams.
  • Know the various rules: tenses rules, the preposition rules etc.


We need to discuss post-exam reactions. This is important to increase positivity in the system. Primarily, students who don’t succeed shouldn’t be miserable about the outcome. The amount of failed efforts should be a learning route. Contemplate essay writing website reviews in preparation. It’s important to mention again that SBI PO is arguably the most sought after banking exams in India. And they post applicants with great grades as Probationary Officers in the various branches of the bank. Still, stay inspired and success is just an attempt away.

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