Quantitative Aptitude Mixed Quiz : SBI PO 2017 : Set-5

Quantitative Aptitude Mixed Quiz

Welcome to Online Quant Section in letsstudytogether.co  Here we are providing a set of Quantitative Aptitude  Quiz for SBI PO 2017 on Mixed Questions.


                 Quantitative Aptitude Mixed Quiz

1. A hawker sells oranges at a profit of 12.5 per cent. If he increases the selling price of each orange by 60 paise, he earns a profit of 20%. Find the cost price and the initial selling price of each orange.
A. 900 P, 700 P
B. 700 P, 900 P
C. 900 P, 800 P
D. 800 P, 900 P
E. None of these

2. A garment company declared 17% discount for wholesale buyers. Mr Sameer bought garments from the company for Rs. 1660 after getting discount. He fixed up the selling price of garments in such a way that he earned a profit of 7% on original company price. What is the selling price ?
A. Rs. 2130
B. Rs. 2140
C. Rs. 2410
D. Rs. 2310
E. None of these

3.On Rs. 4500 invested at a simple interest rate 12 per cent per annum Rs. 1200 is obtained as interest in certain years. In order to earn Rs. 1800 as interest on Rs. 5400 in the same number of years, what should be the rate of simple interest ?
A. 14%
B. 15%
C. 18%
D. 16%
E. None of these

4.The compound interest on a certain sum of money for 2 years at 10% per annum is Rs. 420. The simple interest on the same sum at the same rate and same time will be:
A. Rs. 350
B. Rs. 375
C. Rs. 380
D. Rs. 400
E. None of these

5. A vessel of 40 litres is filled with milk and water. 75% of milk and 35% of water is taken out of the vessel. It is found that the vessel is vacated by 60%. Find the initial quantity of milk and water.
A. 25 litres, 15 litres
B. 30 litres, 10 litres
C. 22 litres, 18 litres
D. None of these
E. Cannot be determined

6.There is a leak in the bottom of a cistern. When the cistern is thoroughly repaired, it would be filled in 4 minutes. It now takes 16 minutes. If the cistern is full, how long would the leak take to empty the cistern?

7.At what distance from Delhi will a train, which leaves Delhi for Amritsar at 2.45 pm and goes at the rate of 50 km an hour, meet a train which leaves Amritsar for Delhi at 1.35 pm and goes at the rate of 60 km per hour, the distance between the two towns being 510 km ?
A. 150 km
B. 170 km
C. 200 km
D. 210 km
E. None of these

8.Length of a rectangular field is increased by 8 metres and breadth is decreased by 4 metres, area of the field remains unchanged. If length be decreased by 6 metres and breadth be increased by 5 metres, again area remains unchanged. Find the area of the rectangle.
A. 283.5 sq m
B. 284 sq m
C. 285 sq m
D. None of these
E. Cannot be determined

9.A bag a contains 7 red and 8 black balls. Two drawn of three balls each are made, the ball being replaced after the first draw. What is the probability that the balls were red in the first drawn and black in the second ?
A. 9/845
B. 18/845
C. 8/845
D. None of these
E. Cannot be determined

10.A can do a piece of work in 120 days and B can do it in 150 days. They work together for 20 days. Then A leaves and B continues the work. 12 days after that, C joins the work and the work is completed in 48 more days. In how many days C can do it alone?
A. 225
B. 220
C. 230
D. 160
E. none of these

Quantitative Aptitude Mixed Quiz

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