London Business School’s Laurels

The London Business School is the leading College in not just one but a large number of courses. The University has a state of the art library and has been acknowledged for the amount of resources that it has to provide its students with. The University has established many new departments over the years indicating the expansive approach that the University has kept alive even after having received all the praise and acknowledgement that they could have.  The London Business School has been recognized for the most equipped facilities in the world of business studies. The departments of Management studies, Business Studies, Business Economics, Business technology and Management are the most wanted courses by commerce studying students all across the world.

London Business School Acceptance

The London Business School is probably among the most well known names of the education sector all across the world. The University has been operational for a long time now and has produced some of the finest management graduates also. The MBA graduates from     London Business School Said Business School have secured some of the highest annual packages in the recent past.

The acceptance rate at London Business School is just 25%. Although much more than other counterparts but it is still low . London Business School- The London Business School is the most prestigious business school of Europe. You have to be a bright student with great academic records to secure admission to the London Business School. London Business School eligibility for Indian students is a bit complicated. The applicant must have an undergraduate degree of at least 4 year duration. The Indian applicant must provide a proof of proficiency in the English language by securing the required number of bands in the IELTS exam. Apart from this,  the applicant must also assure the authority that they are capable of managing expenses in London  London Business School- Again,  being part of the University Of Cambridge, the college of Business studies is among the leaders in Business Administration education all across the world. It will require the person to go through a series of interviews, exams,  etc.  Before a final selection will be made the University is a rather newly formed educational institution in the field of management. It has a history of providing the education to the students with the help of leading industry graduates themselves. The students who graduate out if the college have been placed well with highly rewarding packages. While most people do not know, the English Universities have made their mark in world education lately. There has been a large influx of students into Europe among which, a significantly high number of students have purposefully migrated to London, owing to the sea of opportunities that the country presents before the students. The cost of studies, the quality of education, the friendly environment for the students, everything has contributed to the emergence of London as a great center of education in Europe.

The London Business School has attempted to provide an excellent education to a fairly diverse student body, giving admission to all eligible students irrespective of linguistic, religious or regional background. This social service rendered by the college helped in increasing its strength over the years with a constant rise in quality of education as well.


The London Business School is known to provide its students with all necessary facilities which are an essential part of modern-day education. The college claims to have a WiFi-enabled and fully equipped state of the art campus with a 5000 Sq. Ft. The college library, an indoor sports field that offers plenty of gaming facilities, smart classrooms,  a virtual repository of knowledge, an artificially-turfed central court, multiple auditoriums, and a canteen that is operational throughout the year. The college ensures that students are exposed to a well-planned scholastic calendar supplemented with more than 200 diverse activities during an academic year beginning with workshops, seminars, research work, college festivals, industrial visits, historical walks, ending with social awareness campaigns.

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