List of Rajasthan Forts PDF - Download Rajasthan GK PDF
List of Rajasthan Forts PDF - Download Rajasthan GK PDF

Rajasthan Forts PDF

List of Rajasthan Forts.As we know that Rajasthan has lots of forts but a few of them are the most famous forts in the Rajasthan. They are too popular among tourists. These forts are the Rajasthan tourist places for hanging out. Rajasthan Forts is important for every Rajasthan State level exam like – RAS, Rajasthan Patwari, Rajasthan Police Constable, Junior Accountant, and other exams. Rajasthan Fort’s questions are always asked in the Rajasthan GK Section. Here you can download the List of Rajasthan Forts PDF.

Those candidates who are waiting for Rajasthan State Vacancies can prepare the Rajasthan General Knowledge Section. This is the important section for every kind of Rajasthan Exams. So if you want to know more about the Forts of Rajasthan then you should download the PDF of Rajasthan Forts.

Complete List of Forts of Rajasthan

Rajasthan Forts are also known as Rajasthan ke kile PDF. There are lots of famous forts of Rajasthan such as- Jaigarh Fort, Amer fort, Nahargarh fort, Chittorgarh fort, Ranthambore fort, Kumbhalgarh fort, Gagron fort, Mehrangarh fort, Taragarh fort, Junagarh fort, Sonar fort, Bala Durg, Bhangarh fort. Here are some amazing facts that you cannot afford to miss about the forts.

Jaigarh Fort (Jaipur)

jaipur tourist places jaigarh fort

  • This fort is situated on the (Cheel ka Teela) Eagle hill.It was built by Kokil Dev (1036–39), Mansingh (1589–1614), Mirza Raja Jai ​​Singh (1621–67), Sawai Jay Singh (1700–43). This fort overlooks towards Amer.It is called a mysterious fort.
  • There are three routes of entry in this fort – 1. Dungarpur 2. Avni Pol 3. Bhairavpole
  • This fort is connected to a tunnel from Amber fort.While going from Amber fort to Jaigarh fort there are four doors – 1. Hathi Pol, 2. Mahal Pol, 3. Dhruv Pol, 4. Ganesh Pol

In this fort there is Vijayagadhi Palace, which is called Small Fort, In which Sawai Jaisingh took his brother imprisonment Vijay Singh.In this Vijaygardhi Fort that the Amber rulers had their arms, treasury and cannon making factor, which was the only artillery in Asia.  Here Asia’s biggest Jayaban cannon/Ranbank is kept, which was run only once, its roar so much that women and animal beasts got miscarried.  Its shell fell in the Chaksu where the Golelaav pond was formed.The firepower of this cannon is 35 km. , Weight 50 tons, length 20 feet and the weight of shells was 50 kg.

There is a puppet house and Charbagh style garden in this fort.In this fort, Subhat Niwas (Diwane Aam), Khilwat Niwas (Diwane Khas), Laxmi Niwas, Lalit Mandir, Vilas Mandir, Surya Mandir, Aram Mandir, Ranautji’s Chowk are located.

Amer Fort (Jaipur)

jaipur tourist places amer fort

This fort is situated on the Kalikoh hill.The fort was built by the Meenas. 1207 AD In Dholaraya’s son Kokildeva snatched it from Bhutomina and took possession of it. It is also called Amber Durg and Ambavati.

  1. Kokiladeva, Bharamal rebuilt it and Mansingh-I gave it modern form in 1592.
  2. In 1707, Bahadur Shah I named it Mominabad.
  3. The architecture of this fort has a mixture of Hindu-Muslim style.
  4. In this fort, Jaleb Chowk, Singh Pol, Ganesh Pol, Diwane Aam, Diwane Khas, Dilkhush Mahal, Bala Bai Ki Sal, Mawtha Talab, Ram Baan, Dalaram Bagh, Char Bagh, Kachharyan, Tunnel, Jas Mandir, Suhag Temple,(From here the queens used to see the Deewane Aam), the Chattarnath Jogi memorial, Sitaramji’s temple, Shilamata temple Janani Dyodhi, Bukhara Garden Meena Bazaar, Keshar Kyari, Labhulaiya, Ambikeshwar Mahadev Temple, Mansingh Mahal/Kadami Mahal (this includes the coronation of the Kachhwah dynasty Used to be) Rajatilak chowki etc. are tourist places.
  5. Ferguson described Ganesh Pol as the most beautiful door in the world.
  6. This fort is connected to the tunnel from Jaigad fort.
  7. This fort has the most foreign tourists.- In Pari Bagh / Mohan Ki Bari / Shyam Bagh located in the fort. Jaisingh performed Ashwamedha Yagya in 1740 under the supervision of Pundarik Ratnakar, this pleasure, temple, Yagya is considered the last Ashwamedha Yagya of India.
  8. Queen Kankavati of Mansingh-I built the Jagat Shiromani temple in the memory of her son Jagat Singh.In this temple, the idol of Lord Krishna, which Meera Bai used to worship in childhood, therefore, it is also called Meera temple.

There are five doors to enter this fort. 

  1. Kassi Darwaza
  2. The door to go to the mansion of Thakur Chursingh of the Bansakas
  3. Pinna Mian’s mansion door
  4. Bhairu Darwaja
  5. Surajpol Darwaza

Nahargarh Fort/Sudarshangarh (Jaipur)

jaipur tourist places Nahargarh fort

  1. It is called fort of palace and fort of mithdi.
  2. It was built by Sawaijay Singh in 1734 AD to protect Jaipur from the Marathas. According to the legend, as much as this fort was built in the day, at night it was broken due to the miracle of Nahar Singh Baba, then at the behest of Pandit Ratnakar Pundarik, Nahari Singh Baba’s Chhatri was made and named the fort as Nahargarh.The temple of Lord Krishna in the fort, So this fort is also known as Sudarshangarh, because Sudarshan was the name of Lord Krishna’s Chakra.
  3. This fort falls under the category of Giri, Aaran, Sahai, Parigh and military fortifications. 4. Most of the palaces in this fort were built by Ramsingh II and Madhosingh.
  4. Madhosingh I built 9 palaces in Victoria style for his Paswan queens alike – Suraj Prakash, Khushal Prakash, Basant Prakash, Phool Prakash, Jawahar Prakash, Lalit Prakash, Anand Prakash, Lakshmi Prakash, Chand Prakash Mahal, Sawai Jagat Singh made his beloved Rasakpur a prisoner in this fort.
  5. This fort is called the crown of Jaipur and the fort overlooks towards Jaipur city.
  6. Silahkhana, Hawa Mandir, Madho Singh’s guest house is located in the fort.

Chittorgarh Fort (Jaipur) 

rajasthan tourist places chittorgarh fort

The Chittorgarh fort was built by Chitrangad Maurya in the 7th century.Chittorgarh fort is the oldest fort in the state. The fort is built on a hill called Chitrakoot.It is the southern-eastern gate of the state.It is said that ‘Garh To Chittorgarh Baki Sab Gadeyaa.”.There are three sakas in Chittorgarh fort were built in 1303, 1534, 1567-68.

  1. Jaimal’s mansion is in Chittorgarh fort. This mansion was built during the time of Maharaja Uday Singh.
  2. The first door of Chittorgarh fort was named Pandupol, second door – Bhairavapol, the third gate is Ganeshpol, the fourth gate is Lakshman Pol, the fifth gate is Jodan Pol, the sixth gate is Tripolia and the seventh gate is Rampol.
  3. Vishnu’s Varah Avatar “Kumbhshyam temple” located in this fort.It was built by Maharana Kumbha.
  4. Vijay Stambh, Kumbha Swamy Temple, Kumbha’s Palace, Shringar Chanwari’s Temple, four walls, seven gates were built by Maharana Kumbha.
  5. Nine blocks “Vijay Stambh” also situated in this fort.It’s height 120 feets.
  6. It was built by Maharana Kumbha to commemorate the victory of Sultan Mahmud Khilji of Malwa.The architect of this ‘Stambh’ was Jaita. The “Vijay Stambh” is called the Ajayabaghar of Hindu Gods and Goddesses.
  7. This fort is called the Sirmour of the ancient forts.
  8. Chittorgarh Durg is located at the confluence of the Gambhiri and Bedach rivers.
  9. In the Chittorgarh Fort, The seven storied Jain Kirti Stambh is believed to be, It has been built by Bagherwal Jain Jija.
  10. The Chittor fort is about 1850 feet above sea level.
  11. The valor of Jaimal and Fatta, who received Veeragati while protecting the Chittor fort, Akbar installed his elephant-mounted marble statues at the entrance of the Agra Fort.
  12. The biggest attraction of this fort is the palace of Rani Ratn Singh’s queen Padmini.
  13. The main water source in this fort is Bhimalat Kund, Ramkund and Chitrang Mori pond.
  14. It is the largest living fort in the fort.
  15. The main temples of this fort are Kumbhashyam, Meeran, Shringar Chanwari, Neelkanth and Kalika Mata.
  16. Guhilas also made it their capital after the destruction of Nagda.
  17. It is the biggest fort of the state.
  18. The window located in the northern direction of the Chittorgarh fort is known as Bari of Lakota.
  19. In this fort there are nine quota houses or Navlakha Bhandar built as a small fort, which was built by Rana Banveer.
  20.  A water machine (Arhat) is located in the Chittor fort.It is believed that Bhima extracted water here with his knee on the Mahabharata period.

Ranthambore Fort (Sawai Madhopur)

rajasthan tourist places ranthambore fort

  1. Ranthambore Fort is an ancient Giri fort located in Sawaimadhopur.
  2. This fort was built by Jagat (Jayant).
  3. The first Saka was held in 1301 AD in Ranthambore fort.
  4. Ranthambore fort is surrounded by seven hills.
  5. Ranthambore Durg is situated between the Aravalli and Vindhyachal hills.
  6. Ranthambore Durg is called Durgadhiran (Durgadhiraja).
  7. The real name of this fort is Rantah Pur, meaning city located in the valley of Rann.
  8. There is a famous temple of Ganesha in Ranthambore fort, where a huge fair is organized on Ganesh Chaturthi.
  9. The east of the Ganesh temple is an unknown water source, called Ganga.
  10. Hamir Mahal, Supari Mahal, Badal Mahal, the famous palace of this fort.
  11. The major sightseeing places of this fort, Pir Sadruddin’s Dargah, Supari Mahal, Zauran – Bhoran and Ranihar Talab.
  12. In 1301 AD, there was a war between Alauddin Khilji and Rana Hammir.
  13. The mighty Hammir’s vigorous combat during the invasion of Ranthambore is described in detail in ‘Hummirayan’.

Kumbhalgarh Fort (Rajsamand)

rajasthan tourist places kumbhalgarh fort

  1. Kumbhalgarh fort is located in Rajsamand district.
  2. This fort was built by Maharana Kumbha in the memory of his wife between 1443-1458.
  3. Abul Fazl has said about this fort that ‘this fort is built on such a high that when looking down from above, the turban placed on the head falls.
  4. Kumbhalgarh fort was designed by Gujarati Shilpi Mandan.
  5. This fort is called the ‘Great Wall of India’, because its entire rampart is so wide that four horsemen can walk together.
  6. This fort has a Kumbhaswamy Vishnu temple, which was built by Maharana Kumbha.
  7. Kumbhalgarh fort is known by the names of Kumbhalmeru, Kumbhapur, Kamalmir, Mahendra and Mahore etc.
  8. Kumbhalgarh fort is also known as Sudhayo fort.
  9. There was another fort in Kumbhalgarh fort is Katargarh, which houses Maharana Kumbha’s palace.
  10. This fort is located in the highest part of the citadel, which is called ‘Katargarh’ due to the straight climb.
  11. Katargarh fort is also known by the nickname Mewar’s Aankh.
  12. The total length of wall of Kumbhalgarh fort is 36 kms.
  13. Maharana Pratap was born in the Katargarh fort.
  14. Maharana Kumbha was killed by his son,  Udaya in the Katargarh.
  15. Prithviraj, son of Maharana Raymal, spent his childhood in Kumbhalgarh fort.Prithviraj became known as Prithviraj in history due to his fast running power.
  16. Kumbhalgarh Durg is situated on the top of the Aravalli hill, Jarga.
  17. Jali Rani’s Malia Mahal is in the Katargarh fort.
  18. In this fort there is an umbrella of 12 Stambh of Kunwar Prithviraj.The architect of this umbrella is Mr. Ghashanpana.
  19. Maharana Uday Singh was crowned in Kumbhalgarh fort.
  20. The main entrance to the Kumbhalgarh fort is Hanumanpol.
  21. Mamdev and Jhalibab are the famous pool in this fort.

Gagron Fort (Jhalawar)

rajasthan tourist places gagraon fort

  1. Gagron Durg is presently located in Jhalawar district.
  2. Gagron fort is built at the confluence of the rivers Kali Sindh and Aahu.
  3. It is the only fort of the state standing directly on the rocks without foundation.
  4. Some scholars also identify this fort as ‘Gargratpur’.
  5. Gagron Durg is also known as Dodgarh or Dhulargarh.
  6. The Buland Darwaza built by Aurangzeb is located in this fort.
  7. This fort was built by Doda in 7-8th century.
  8. Gagron was the capital of the Khichin Chauhans.
  9. The founder of the Khchin dynasty, Devan Singh won it and named it Gagron.
  10. There are two Sakas (between 1423 and 1444) in Gagron fort.
  11. The hill behind this fort is called Gidha Karai.
  12. This fort has a historical dargah of Mitheshah / Hamimuddin Chishti built by Aurangzeb.
  13. The Samadhi of Sant Pipa Ji, the deity of the darji community, is also in this fort.
  14. During the reign of Jait Singh in 1303, Alauddin Khilji attacked it.
  15. King Akbar met Abul Fazal’s elder brother Faizi in the Gagron fort.
  16. Akbar gave Gagron fort to Prithviraj of Bikaner as Jagir.
  17. Gagron falls in the category of water fortifications of Rajasthan.
  18. Death penalty to political prisoners in ancient times is given in this fort.
  19. Hiraman / Gagron parrots are found in this fort.
  20. Gagron fort is also known as Mustafabad.
  21. Gaandhan Shivdas wrote “Achaldas Khinchi Ri Vachnika” ‘, making the plot of the battle in Gagron fort.

Mehrangarh Fort (Jodhpur)

rajasthan tourist places mehrangarh fort

  1. Mehrangarh Fort was built by Rao Jodha on the truck hill of Chidianath in 1459 AD.
  2. Mehrangarh fort is a symbol of the valor of the Rathores.
  3. The first entrance to this fort is known as Jaipol.
  4. The ‘Phool Mahal’ built by Abhay Singh, which is famous for fine excavation, is located in this fort.
  5. The ‘Bhure Khan ki Mazar’ is located in the Mehrangarh fort.
  6. Mehrangarh fort is also known by the surnames of Muyur flag, Garh Chintamani, Jodhpur fort.
  7. In this fort, Kilkila, Shambhuban, Ghajini Khan, Bagaswahan, Dhuddhani, strong lightning etc. are famous.
  8. Kilkila cannon was built by Maharaja Ajitsingh in Ahmedabad and Shambhuban cannon Abhaysingh snatched it from Sarbaland Khan and Ghajini Khan cannon was built by Maharaja Gajsingh in 1607 AD. Jalore was conquered.
  9. In 1544 AD, In the Afghan ruler Sher Shah Suri took control of the Jodhpur Fort and built a mosque in it.
  10. Bhabhi (Balai) was buried alive in the foundation of Mehrangarh Fort.
  11. Akbar handed over the Jodhpur fort Raisingh (Bikaner) during his 1570 visit to Nagaur.
  12. This fort has a Shringar chowki built by Maharaja Takht Singh in the courtyard of Daulatkhana where Tilak used to rule the kings of Jodhpur.
  13. Sher Shah Suri’s Mosque, Mansingh Prakash Library, Moti Mahal, Fatahmahal etc. are the sights.
  14. Chamunda Mata Temple, Anand Dhan Ji Temple, Murali Manohar Temple are the famous temples of this fort.
  15. In this fort, two pink pylanum reservoirs of sapphire studded gemstone are famous – Gulab Sagar, child of Gulab Sagar.
  16. Kirat Singh Sodha and Bhiva’s canopies are located in this fort.
  17. There are looted doors from Ahmedabad in this fort.
  18. Rudyard Kipling has described this fort as the work of fairies and deities.

Bundi Fort/Taragarh Fort (Bundi)

rajasthan tourist places taragarh fort

  1. This fort was built by Bundi founder Rao Devi Singh Hada in the 14th century.
  2. A Pathan family used to protect the treasure in this fort.
  3. Rudyard Kipling wrote his book in this fort and stayed in Sukhmahal situated in this fort.
  4. The main sites of this fort are Rangvilas Chitrashala (built Ummed Singh), Sukhmahal etc.
  5. The sound of Garbha Gunjan cannon situated in this fort was so loud that ‘the gunners had to jump into the water after being sabotaged so that they could not hear the terrible sound.
  6. Colonel James Tod has described the beauty of Bundi palaces as the best among the princes of the princely states.
  7. The Rajmahal located in the Taragarh fort is world famous for murals of Bundi paintings.
  8. This fort is a symbol of gallantry and valor of Hada Rajputs.
  9. There is a very high turret in the middle of this fort, which is called Bhima Burj.

Junagarh Fort (Bikaner)

rajasthan tourist places Junagarh fort

  1. The fort of Junagarh is located in Bikaner district.
  2. This fort was built by Raja Raisingh with red stones, while the foundation of this fort was laid by Rao Bikaji.
  3. Karnapol and Surajpol are the two main gates of Junagarh.
  4. The gajarudh idols of Jaimal and Fatta, who have received valor in the image of Chittor, are located in Surajpol of this fort.
  5. This fort is a beautiful fusion of Hindu-Muslim art styles.
  6. Junagarh fort is famous for its magnificent craftsmanship.
  7. Junagarh fort is known as the jewel of land and the fort of Ratighati.
  8. This fort is of quadrilateral or quadrilateral.
  9. This fort is notable for rare antiques, rich museum of handwritten texts.
  10. Armory in Junagarh and temples of twenty three crore deities.
  11. It is a fortification of ‘Indosaursanik style’.
  12. This fort was built in the Mughal style.
  13. Anup Mahal of Junagarh fort worked with gold pen.

Sonar Fort (Jaisalmer)

rajasthan tourist places Jaisalmer fort

  1. This fort was built by Rao Jaisal between 1212 and 1219.
  2. In Rajasthani folk poetry, it has been called Jaisangarh.
  3. Sonar Fort is located in Jaisalmer district.
  4. Lime has not been used in the construction of Sonar Fort.
  5. This fort was constructed with yellow stones.In the morning when the rays of the sun fall on it, it looks like gold, hence it is also called Sonar Fort.
  6. The Bhati rulers here are named as ‘Northern Bhat Kivad’ (guard of the northern border) for protecting the country’s north-western border from foreign invaders.
  7. Sonar Durg is built on a triangular hill, hence it is known as ‘Trikutgarh’.
  8. The name of this hill is Gohragarh, it is also called Goragarh.
  9. This fort is famous for the heroic tales of Bhati kings.
  10. The historical fort of Jaisalmer is made of yellow rocks.This huge fort looks like from a distance as if a huge ship was anchored in a sea of ​​sand.
  11. It is said about this fort that only stone legs can be made here.
  12. There are two and a half saucers in Sonargarh (Jaisalmer Durg).
  13. Jaisalmer Durg has four doors – Akshay Pol (Akhepol), Surajpol, Ganeshpol (Bhuta Pol), Hawapol (Rangpol).
  14. The entrance of this fort is called Akshaya Pol.
  15. Sonar Fort is the second largest ‘living fort’ in the state after Chittorgarh Fort.
  16. Jaisalmer fort is a huge 99 bastions all around.
  17. The double perkota of this fort is called Kamarkota.
  18. This fort is also known as Sonegarh, Sonargarh, Trikutgarh.
  19. Film director Satyajit Ray made a film called ‘Sonar Fort’ at this historic fort.
  20. A rare store of handwritten texts has been found in this fort.In the name of Acharya Jinbhadrasuri, it is called ‘Jinbhadrasuri Granth Bhandar’.
  21. The roof of this fort is made of wood.
  22. Harraj Mahal of this fort was included in UNESCO’s project list
  23. Jaisalu well is found in Sonargarh, it is believed that it was built by Shri Krishna with Sudarshan Chakra.
  24. Major temples found in this fort – Adinath’s temple, Surya temple, Rajeshwari’s temple, Lakshminath’s temple, Tikam Rai’s temple.
  25. Badal Vilas Palace near the west gate of this fort has been constructed by the Silvatas.

Bala Durg (Alwar)

rajasthan tourist places bala fort

  1. It was built by Hasan Khan Mewati.
  2. This fort was built in 1049 by Alghurai, the son of Kokil Dev Kachhwa.
  3. Naruka branch of the turtles dominated this fort.
  4. In the Khanwa war (1527) the ruler of this place was Hasan Khan Mewati.Babur gave this fort to his son Hindal after the Khanwa victory.
  5. The western door of this fort is called Chandpol, East Surajpol, South Laxman Pol/Jayapol and North Andheri Pol.

Bhangarh Fort (Alwar)

rajasthan tourist places bhangarh fort

  1. This fort was built by Bhagwant Das in 1574 and gave it to his son Madho Singh.
  2. The entrance of this fort is called the royal gate.
  3. Mangla Mata Temple, Bhairav ​​Gopinath Temple, Hanuman Temple, Sevade Ki Chhatri, Balunath’s Dhuna, Gaumukh Kund, Tunnel, Nakarkhana etc. are sightseeing places here.
  4. This fort is called Bhangarh of ghosts where staying at night is not allowed.

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