How to score good marks in Reasoning Section in Banking Exam 2019
How to score good marks in Reasoning Section in Banking Exam 2019

How to score good marks in the Reasoning Section in Banking Exam 2021

Reasoning Preparation Tips & Tricks for SBI PO, IBPS RRB PO/Clerk, IBPS PO/Clerk 2021. Dear Friends, nowadays the number of bank exams is periodically conducted for their recruitment like IBPS PO, Clerk, SBI PO, Clerk, and so on. Enormous numbers of candidates were applied and participated in a banking competitive exam every time. From this many graduate candidates have the dream to become banking personnel. For that, each aspirant must have to clear the bank exam.

Clearing bank exams in recent times is not an easy thing because competition among candidates is very tight and the difficulty level of the question is high. So, aspirants, those who want to clear bank exams must have to do proper preparation to score high marks in bank exams. Practicing the prepared tricks and methods also holds the same importance as like as preparation. Here some tips are given to score more marks in bank exams. You can go through the tips to get cleared about the exam.

Tips to score more marks in Bank Exam

  1. Preparation and practice gives the success in bank exam
  2. To prepare for a bank exam, you have to collect the new exam pattern and syllabus of the examination.
  3. Gather high-quality study materials and mock tests to do your preparation and practice.
  4. Use shortcut methodology and tricks to find the answer accurately within less time.
  5. Cover all the important topics in all sections such as reasoning, quantitative aptitude, and the English language.

How to score good marks in Reasoning in bank exams?

The reasoning is one among the sections in all bank exams, candidates have to prepare on reasoning topic for all bank exams without fail. Usually, the reasoning section has 35 questions in the preliminary level of bank exams. Scoring 25+ in reasoning is a decent score in bank exams it also boosts your total marks itself. During their preparation, candidates have to target to score above 25 marks in reasoning. For that, you have to know the important topics of reasoning section and understanding their level of difficulty. The most expected topics of reasoning are

  1. Seating Arrangement and Puzzles
  2. Blood Relations
  3. Inequality Questions
  4. Coding and Decoding
  5. Direction Sense & Ranking
  6. Syllogism/ Data sufficiency
  7. Alphanumeric Series
  8. Input-Output

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Still, some few topics are there in reasoning and but these five are the major topics having more number of questions in the reasoning part. Candidates have to work on each topic separately to score marks on each topic. Commonly seating arrangement and puzzles having 18 to 20 questions, so aspirants must have allotted more time to prepare and practice for a seating arrangement and puzzles questions. Based on the number of questions asking from the topic, you can allocate the preparation time to each topic. Expected number of questions from each topic of reasoning section is given below

Topics of Reasoning Section Number of Questions
Seating Arrangement and Puzzles 18 – 20
Blood Relations 3 – 4
Coding and Decoding 5 – 6
Direction Sense 2 – 3
Syllogism/ Data sufficiency 3 – 4
Miscellaneous 1 – 2

Tips to score more marks in Reasoning in bank exams:

  1. More than 50% of questions are from seating arrangement and puzzles; try to answer this topic question within in 10 minutes.
  2. Once you spot the question is tricky and time-consuming to move on to the next question.
  3. From coding and decoding, syllogism, and blood relations topics questions are quite easy to prefer those questions first to answer.
  4. If 20 questions are asked from seating arrangement and puzzles topic means, 10 to 12 questions are the less difficult spot that questions and try to answer
  5. Better leave the more difficult questions or attend the questions if you have more than 80% confidence in that question.
  6. Always remember that each wrong answer will lead to deduction 0.25 marks in total.
  7. So give first preferences to less tricky questions and then miscellaneous questions.

Efficient Preparation and practice always depend on the quality of study materials and mock tests. So aspirants try to collect high-quality new pattern mock tests and study materials for your bank exam preparation. Follow some useful shortcut methods and tricks to save time during your exams. Time-saving and accuracy are crucial factors in banking exams because these two factors are the reason where many of the candidates can fail in the clearing bank exams. So you people give more cautious about time and accuracy during your examination.

We hope the above-discussed tips and other information may give you a clear path to score good marks in reasoning in the bank exam. Try to keep the tips in mind and do follow it to get a high score on this topic and this will helps to boost your total score in bank exams.

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