Almost all students may agree that the most challenging part of writing any academic paper is brainstorming the perfect beginning. As a result, many get stuck on this stage of creating a decent essay. Don’t worry if you belong to this category of students. To avoid all hesitations regarding the first sentences of your essay, adopt the following strategies that will make the writing process much more manageable.

  1. Write the introduction after the entire essay is finished.

One of the best practices assisting in finding the right words for the beginning of the essay is to postpone writing the introduction. At first, it may seem illogical and irrelevant to make the introduction the very last detail to write. However, it is actually a winning strategy.

In fact, this tip is both easy-to-follow and efficient at the same time. Of course, you need to keep the goal of the research in your mind and as well as everything you want to express. Nevertheless, write the very beginning of an essay after you have written all other parts of the work. This is a wise strategy due to several reasons. First, everything can change during the process of writing an academic paper. Second, your introduction will be more attention-capturing if you have already crystallized all other parts of an essay and know in detail what this essay is about. Third, this strategy will ensure that the body of the paper perfectly relates to the intro. The last aspect is especially important since irrelevant introduction may cost you lost points.

  1. Pay a lot of attention to your first sentence.

Another important aspect of writing a decent introduction is to hook readers with the very first sentence. Make sure not to lose the readers’ interest using the next tactics. Avoid long and vague sentences. Instead, it would be better to start with something clear and concise. Furthermore, this very first sentence should be both catchy and relevant to the body of your essay. Remember that the very first sentence is the one that establishes the tone for the entire essay. In addition, it usually allows the readers to figure out if they want to continue reading. If you are trying hard to find an effective hook, you can use the following ways to begin an essay:

  • A surprising fact;

Starting an essay with a surprising fact is a well-known trick to pique the readers’ attention and curiosity.

  • Statistics supporting the thesis statement that follows;

Giving some numbers is the example of logos – a famous rhetorical device serving to persuade the audience. In this case, using numbers and proven data would be a great way to make follow-up thesis more relevant and grounded.

  • Quote;

Using a phrase said by some famous and inspiring person is another way to efficiently pique the readers’ interest. However, make your best not to sound cliché.

  • Dictionary definitions

Using dictionary definition for the main term used in an essay is another good idea for the first sentences.

While writing academic essays, there is no need to overthink if you want to come up with an incredibly creative and engaging hook. In fact, it is more desired to give an overall impression of the relevant writing style and give a sense of what this essay will be about. The first sentence should accentuate the importance of the chosen topic and show why this essay should be read. At the same time, it is necessary to avoid clichés, overgeneralization, and providing too many details right away. If you still struggle with finding a witty and smart starting sentence, it might be a good idea to use an online essay writing service and hire writers or editors to help you.

  1. Introduce a clear thesis statement.

Make sure that you include a thesis statement in your introduction. This statement should reflect the main argument or opinion that you prove in your paper. Basically, your thesis statement sums up the paper and shows the focus of your work. The best way to write a good one is to share your position on the topic. It goes without saying that your readers should be able to find argumentation regarding this position. As a rule, the thesis statement is placed at the end of the introduction paragraph.

As can be seen, begin an essay is not so hard as it seems. Finding the right words to begin can be easier once you use the mentioned strategies. First, try to write the introduction after the body of an essay is finished. Second, write a promising and engaging first sentence. Third, write an effective thesis statement that would reflect your opinion on the matter.

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