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English Quiz Cloze Test for SBI PO Prelims 2017 : Set – 12

Q.( 1-10 )In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words/phrases are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word/phrase in each case.

What has Sufism to do with Islam? I realise that Islam is (1) as a faith with harsh laws, (2) Sufism represents wonderful poetry, dance, art and an appealing form of universal love. It is difficult for some Muslims and most non-Muslims to accept that Sufism is the spiritual current that flows through Islam. Sufi Masters are called ahl-e-dil, ‘people of the heart’. They teach that religion has no meaning (3) warmed by emotions of love, and (4) Sufism as being the heart of Islam. However, I do understand that Sufism has come to mean something quite different in the language of the New Age. (5) with religion and the problems (6) with it in secular democratic societies, people tend to mix and match elements from other religious traditions that appeal to them.… I have attempted to explain how Islam and Sufism are inseparable. The Quran informs us that Islam is not (7) that began with Prophet Muhammad some 1,400 years ago, but with the creation of the universe in (8) Adam was the first Prophet. Sufism is the timeless art of awakening the higher consciousness through submission to the Divine Will. The Sufi (9) goes far beyond history and is (10) in the primordial covenant all unborn souls made with their Creator. Sufism essentially consists of a path that teaches how to free oneself from the ego and rise to higher spiritual levels. The road is endless and how far one wishes to travel is largely a matter of personal choice.

1.Select option for answer-
A. viewed
B. conceived
C. perceived
D. understood
E. felt

2.Select option for answer-
A. which
B. and
C. therefore
D. whereas
E. so

3.Select option for answer-
A. genuinely
B. intentionally
C. since
D. unless
E. hardly

4.Select option for answer-
A. thought
B. translate
C. interpret
D. comprehend
E. look

5.Select option for answer-
A. Disguised
B. Prejudiced
C. Obsessed
D. Disillusioned
E. Overwhelmed

6.Select option for answer-
A. related
B. sorted
C. biased
D. isolated
E. associated

7.Select option for answer-
A. religion
B. something
C. likely
D. found
E. believed

8.Select option for answer-
A. which
B. time
C. realm
D. midst
E. what

9.Select option for answer-
A. culture
B. era
C. doctrine
D. style
E. period.

10.Select option for answer-
A. Ingraining
B. Rooted
C. Segregated
D. Disparate
E. Perceived

English Quiz Cloze Test

Correct Answer

  1. C. perceived
  2. D. whereas
  3. D. unless
  4. C. interpret
  5. D. Disillusioned
  6. E. associated
  7. B. something
  8.  A. which
  9. C. doctrine
  10. B. Rooted

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