Can One Build a Successful Career Without Studying Maths?

Entering a new world

As the education policies in India go, any student who is studying as per the Indian education system is mandated to study the subjects of science, maths and social studies up till the class 10th of their education. After the students have appeared for a class 10 examination, they are given a preference to choose their own stream of education for the next two years of their school life. It is surely one of the most challenging situations in the life of a student and has to be dealt with immense maturity. Once the student has chosen their own stream of Education for the next two classes the next problem that they are faced with is of choosing a suitable choice of subjects for themselves. Now as stated above the students are mandated to study math up till class 10 level. But for many students entering into class 11 get A sigh of relief as they are given there own free hand to choose their subjects in class 11. At this point most of the students continue with mathematics, but those who have had difficulties in studying maths up till class 10 are very happy to drop it and continue education in a new stream without mathematics.

Is Maths really that important?

But still many of the people in India believe that any technical education stream will not be complete if the student drops mathematics out of its domain. This is because traditionally most of the career options which were conventional and were the most sought-after options in the country demanded that the student should have studied mathematics up till class 12 level. But as times have advanced and more and more career opportunities have emerged in our own society the eligibility criteria for these courses and jobs have also changed so students who are willing to drop mathematics are doing so readily and they are even able to make good futures out of their stream choices.

The stream in which the maximum confusion lies among the students regarding the choice of mathematics as one of the subjects in their combination is that of Commerce. It is a wide public notion that Commerce without mathematics is nothing productive. The student limits their own options if he or she decides to study Commerce without mathematics as one of the subjects. But to the immense joy of these students it can be safely declared that career options after Commerce without maths are also as high as any other stream will offer them. Let us now take a look at some of the common courses after 12th commerce without maths.


Law is one of the most prominent career options among Indian students today. It has been a very reputed profession since the British have. Ruled over India and is still being followed by a large chunk of our population. Coming back to the point of discussion. Choosing the courses in law does not require any stream in particular. Therefore even students with commas without maths in class 12 are eligible to apply for law courses and can successfully pursue law.

Hotel Management

Hotel management is very common and sought-after course in Indian. Society Even for studying hotel management the student will not essentially require to have studied mathematics up till class 12 level. Students will be required to sit for an entrance examination where Elementary level mathematics will be a part of their entrance exam syllabus, but after that, they will not be faced by any problems on the mathematics side of Education. Therefore students with Commerce without maths in class 12 can think of hotel management as a possible career option.

Animation and Design

Animation is one of the most rapidly picking up professions in the world today. Even in India courses in animation and media designing have become popular and more and more students are going into this field. Even courses in animation and video designed to not require the student to have studied mathematics of till class 12 so students with Commerce without man’s in class 12 and think of Animation as one of the possible educational options.

Web Marketing

Digital marketing is a rapidly growing field today. Having a Commerce background makes you eligible for studying and excelling in digital marketing field, but it is not essential to have mathematics background in class 12 to study digital marketing.

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