7 Study Hacks to Improve CBSE Class 11 English Preparations
7 Study Hacks to Improve CBSE Class 11 English Preparations

CBSE Class 11 English Preparations

The English Section of CBSE Class 11 is believed to be the scoring section but at the same time a most feared subject among many students. In the case of the English section, students are in a dilemma of unable to secure good marks in this section. Hence, we are happy to introduce some study hacks to help you improve your CBSE Class 11 English exam preparations.

English is one among the important and main subjects in any of the stream of CBSE Class 11. Therefore, it is mandatory for all the students to appear in the CBSE Class 11 examination. To score good marks there isn’t any shortcut, students have to attempt the paper in the best possible way to achieve the desired marks.

Class 11 English Question paper is divided into four different sections which are – Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Literature. To enhance your exam preparations and score better, here we have provided some important and useful study hacks for CBSE Class 11 English examination. The aim of this study hacks is to help you to attempt the English subject paper well and score good marks in the exam.

7 Study Hacks for CBSE Class 11 English

Below you can go through the important study hacks to prepare in a better manner and make smart strategies for CBSE Class 11 examination.

  • Curriculum: One of the most basic and important steps to start your preparations for any exam is knowing the latest syllabus issued by the board. CBSE follows NCERT guidelines, therefore it is important for the students to be aware of the pattern of NCERT Solutions to score marks in the exam.
  • Fundamentals: A student preparing from NCERT solutions of Class 11 English, must be clear with the fundamental knowledge of English Grammar. To develop a solid foundation and create your own sentences correctly, it is important to know the basic rules of English Grammar.
  • Reading: Reading is a good exercise, everyday reading helps you to strengthen your vocab and learn new words daily. Also, it will help you to develop an understanding of the questions based on unseen passage quickly and save time in the exam.
  • Sample Papers: Once you are aware of the NCERT syllabus & basic fundamentals, you must go through the sample papers issued by CBSE to know the complete exam pattern and types of questions being asked within the exam. These sample papers are available on the official website of CBSE for free of cost.
  • Analysing: Practising only sample papers is not enough as students should also go through the previous year papers. Solving previous year papers within the time limit will enhance your writing skills along with the speed limit. Also, analysing these papers will further help you in knowing your mistakes and weak areas, where you need to work upon. You can practice these Class 11 English previous year papers at Gradeup for free of cost.
  • Writing Skills: Only knowing the answer is not enough for an exam, the entire marking scheme depends on your presentation. Writing long stories usually don’t draw marks, therefore it is important to present the required with a minimum number of words in a standard format.
  • Revision: Make a judicious time table to prepare for Class 11 English examinations, calculate an equal amount of time to revise the topics wisely. Make sure you follow this time table without any distraction and follow it on a strict basis to revise the entire syllabus and practice a good amount of questions before the exam.

Lastly, do not forget to learn your chapters from NCERT Class 11 English textbooks & class notes to have a complete overview of every chapter. Moreover, students should use pen and paper while practicing to concentrate and remember the stuff for a longer period of time.

To prepare for CBSE Class 11 English exam, you don’t need to study the whole night just before the exam to give your best shot. Instead, you can spend an hour daily to easily score good marks in the examination with the help of NCERT Class 11 solutions. Following these study hacks with complete determination will surely help you in gaining good marks in the exam.

All the best!

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