100+ UP General Knowledge(GK) One Linear Questions PDF
100+ UP General Knowledge(GK) One Linear Questions PDF

100+ Uttar Pradesh GK One Linear Questions PDF For UPSSSC

100+ Uttar Pradesh General Knowledge(GK) One Linear Questions PDF For UPSSSC, UPTET, UP Police & Up State Exams.As we know Uttar Pradesh government will release vacancies in various different of Uttar Pradesh State(Like :- UPSSSC, UP Police Constable, UPTET, UP VDO, UP ARO. Uttar Pradesh general knowledge played a very vital role in all these exams.So here we are providing 100+ UP GK One linear Notes PDF.

All those candidates who are preparing for above given exams please check our one linear questions.Because It will help to crack exam and secured your selection in the particular exam.If you want any kind of PDF related to Uttar Pradesh State exams please comment down below so that we will upload it for boost your preparation.

Uttar Pradesh GK Quiz Questions In PDF

  1. In which year the United Provinces renamed as Uttar Pradesh – 1950
  2. Which one is the largest district in Uttar Pradesh by areawise –Lakhimpur Kheri
  3. Jagadguru Rambhadracharya Handicapped University which is only university exclusively for the disabled is located in which district – Chitrakoot
  4. Total number of districts in Uttar Pradesh – 75
  5. Who was the first chief Minister Uttar Pradesh – Govind Ballabh Pant
  6. Who was the first Governor Uttar Pradesh – Sarojini Naidu
  7. In which year the Banaras Hindu University was established  – 1916
  8. In which year the Central Drug Research Institute was established – 1951
  9. Total number of Lok Sabha constituency in Uttar Pradesh – 80
  10. Which one is the state flower of Uttar Pradesh –Palash
  11. In which districts, the Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary is located –Unnao district
  12. Which one is the largest district of Uttar Pradesh by population – Agra
  13. When the Allahabad High Court was established –1869
  14. Who was the first Indian Chief Justices of the Allahabad High Court – Shah Muhammad Sulaiman
  15. Who was the Speaker of the first Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly in 1952 – Atmaram Govind Kher
  16. Which one is the largest district by areawise in Uttar Pradesh – Lakhimpur Kheri
  17. Which one is the longest river bridge in Uttar Pradesh – New Yamuna Bridge
  18. In which year, Govind Ballabh Pant received the Bharat Ratna Award –1957
  19. The Aligarh Muslim University was established in the year – 1875
  20. Who established the Aligarh Muslim University – Sir Syed Ahmad Khan
  21. Who was the first Vice Chancellor of Banaras Hindu University – Sir Sunder Lal
  22. The Allahabad University was established in the year – 1887
  23. Which day is celebrated as National Sports Day in the memory of Dhyan Chand – 29th August
  24. In which year The National Stadium, Delhi was renamed as Dhyan Chand National Stadium – 2002
  25. Which Mughal Emperor build the Fatehpur Sikri city – Akbar
  26. Besides Hindi, which one is the other official language of Uttar Pradesh –Urdu
  27. The english daily newspaper ‘The Pioneer’ was published in the year –1865
  28. Who was the president of the first Lucknow session of the Indian National Congress in 1899 – Romesh Chunder Dutt
  29. Which one is the state flower of Uttar Pradesh – Palash
  30. Which one is the largest city by population in Uttar Pradesh – Kanpur
  31. Kanpur is also known as the ___________ of the East – Manchester
  32. Who was the founder of the autonomous kingdom of Awadh – Saadat Khan
  33. The Central Institute of Subtropical Horticulture is located at –Lucknow
  34. In U.P. Urdu Training and Research Centre is situated in – Lucknow
  35. Which one of the following is not a folk song of Uttar Pradesh –Dhola Maru
  36. Syed Salar Fair is held at – Bahraich
  37. Firozabad is famous for producing – Bangles
  38. In Uttar Pradesh, Uranium is available in the district of – Lalitpur
  39. Which one is the highest Dam in Uttar Pradesh – Ram-Ganga
  40. Obra Thermal Power Plant was established with the help of – Soviet Russia
  41. In Uttar Pradesh, which one of the following tribes has the highest population –Tharu
  42. The city of Jaunpur was founded by –Firoz Shah Tughlaq
  43. Which of the following city of Uttar Pradesh is not joined by National Highway 2 –Lucknow
  44. Who was the author of the book ‘Bandi Jiwan’ – Sachindra Sanyal
  45. In Uttar Pradesh, a “Lion Safari” is being established in – Etawah
  46. In Uttar Pradesh, I. T. City is being established in – Lucknow
  47. In which year the capital of United Provinces shifted from Allahabad to Lucknow – 1920
  48. Which one is the only river in Uttar Pradesh that do not emerge from Himalayas – Gomti
  49. Jagadguru Rambhadracharya Handicapped University, which is only university in the world exclusively for the disabled is located in – Chitrakoot
  50. The Deoband Movement in U.P. was started in the year– 1866
  51. The number of agro-climate zones in Uttar Pradesh is – 9
  52. Biotechnology Park is located at – Lucknow
  53. Who was the first person who referred Agra by its modern name –Ptolemy
  54. Which Mughal Emperor introduced the concept of square Persian-styled gardens in Agra – Babur
  55. In which year the Jantar Mantar was built in Varanasi – 1737
  56. Who was the last Nawab of Awadh – Wajid Ali Shah
  57. In which year, Asaf-ud-Daula moved his capital of Awadh from Faizabad to Lucknow – 1775
  58. In which year, Kanpur was handed over to British by Nawab Saadat Ali Khan – 1801
  59. The Jhansi city is situated between the rivers Pahuj and ________ –Betwa
  60. Which country is to the north of Uttar Pradesh? – Nepal
  61. Which is the capital of Uttar Pradesh? – Lucknow 
  62. Which is the official language of Uttar Pradesh? – Hindi
  63. When was Uttaranchal separated from Uttar Pradesh? – 8th November 2000
  64. Who of the following prime ministers of India was not born in Uttar Pradesh? –  V. Narasimha Rao
  65. Who of the following prime ministers of India was not born in Allahabad? – Rajiv Gandhi
  66. Who was Uttar Pradesh’s chief minister in 1992? – Kalyan Singh
  67. How was Uttar Pradesh formerly known? – United Provinces
  68. When was Agra Presidency separated from Bengal Presidency? – 1833
  69. When did the British annex Oudh? –1856
  70. Bharat Kala Bhawan Museum is situated in –Varanasi
  71. With which of the following country’s collaboration will ‘Tehri Dam Project’ be completed in the State? – Soviet Russia
  72. In which of the following districts is the ‘Mango’ cultivation not done in the State? – Agra
  73. In which district of Uttar Pradesh has solar energy plant been started? –Aligarh
  74. By which of the following names is the religious place Varanasi not known in Uttar Pradesh?– Suryanagar
  75. Which one of the following parties played a major role in support of Uttaranchal in the northern part of Uttar Pradesh? –Uttarakhand Mukti Morcha, Uttarakhand Raksha Manch, Him Sena
  76. Which of the following pairs is wrong? – Lehchari-festival
  77. By which districts tribe is the ‘Shera Dance’ done in Uttar Pradesh? – Lalitpur
  78. In which city of the State is Pura Banaspati Birbal Sahani Institute situated? –Lucknow
  79. Which of the following tribes is known as Banrote in Uttar Pradesh? – Raji
  80. For which of the following is the cultivation of Tobacco done? – For eating and smoking
  81. In which of the following places is the oil refinery in the State situated? –Mathura
  82. Which is the longest canal of Uttar Pradesh? – Sharda Canal
  83. What is the length of metalled roads in Uttar Pradesh? – 96,000 kms
  84. In which of the following places is the Civil Aviation Training Centre situated in the State? – Allahabad
  85. Tell which is the correct pair in the following – Mahigir-Bijnor
  86. Which of the following cities was the place of the reinstallation of Hindu religion by Shankaracharya? – Badrinath
  87. In which of the following cities in the state is a sulehkul festival, the symbol of Hindu Muslim unity organized? – Agra
  88. Where is the oldest museum of the State situated? – Lucknow
  89. How many members are there in the VidhanSabha? – 404
  90. Who was the first Lok-Ayukt of Uttar Pradesh?- Vishambar Dayal
  91. When was the Cinema corporation established in Uttar Pradesh?– 1975
  92. To which of the following parties did the famous freedom fighter Chandra Shekhar Azad belong? – Indian Socialist Republican Force
  93. Where was the foundation of News Print Project laid in September 1989? – Moradabad
  94. In which of the following years did the present name of Uttar Pradesh come into existence? –1956
  95. In which of the following districts is Narora Nuclear Energy Plant established? – Bulandshahar
  96. At which of the following rivers has Sharda Canal (Under whom Pilibhit, Bareilly, Shahjahanpur, Lakhimpur, Hardoi, Sitapur, Barabanki, Lucknow, Unnao, Raebareilly, Sultanpur, Pratapgarh, Allahabad area are irrigated) been constructed? – Gomati River
  97. What is the state flower of the State of Uttar Pradesh? – Brahm Kalash
  98. In order to protect the wildlife how many wildlife sanctuaries have been established in Uttar Pradesh? – 11
  99. Which one of the following cities is known as a ‘City of Ghats & Temples’ in Uttar Pradesh? – Varanasi
  100. In which place of Uttar Pradesh is the production of Keshar done in Uttar Pradesh?– Hilly area
  101. Magh-Khichari, Gurria, Bajhar, Holi festival are celebrated by which of the following tribes in Uttar Pradesh? – Tharu
  102. In which of the following places is wood carving done in the State? – Saharanpur
  103. In which of the following years was NOIDA set up? – 1976
  104. What is the percentage of the total cultivated land of India in Uttar Pradesh? – 22
  105. Which of the following varieties are related to the fruit production in the State-Deshi, Nagpuri, Empthadar, Laddu? – Orange
  106. Some of the cities in the State are famous for Cottage industries. Tell the wrong pair – Agra— Knife & Scissors
  107. What is the percentage of canal irrigation to the total irrigation in the State? – 30
  108. What is the length of nationalized metal road in U.P.? – 22,000 km
  109. Which one of the following pairs is correct? – Chakeri—Kanpur
  110. In which of the following region is the Bhotia tribe found in Uttar Pradesh? – Hilly


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