Railway RRB Group D 2018 Mathematics Practice Questions | Set-4


Railway RRB Group D 2018 Mathematics Practice Questions

Railway RRB Group D Mathematics Questions 2018. Welcome to the www.letsstudytogether.co online Railway RRB Group D section. If you are preparing Railway, RRB ALP and RRB Group D Exams 2018, you will come across a section on “General Mathematics”. Here we are providing you with “Important RRB Group D 2018 Mathematics Practice Questions”   based on the latest pattern of your daily practice.

This “Railway RRB Group D 2018 Mathematics Practice Questions“is also important for other Railway exams such as RRB ALP & Technicians Exam 2018.

RRB Group D 2018 Mathematics Practice Questions | Set-4

 1.A and B can together do a piece of work in 6 days and A alone can do it in 9 days. The number of days B will take to do it alone is? 

A. 18 days

B. 24 days

C. 9 days

D. 12 days

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2. A man can row upstream at 12 km/hr and downstream at 18 km/hr. The man’s rowing speed in still water is?

A. 15 km/hr

B. 5 km/hr

C. 3 km/hr

D. 10 km/hr

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3. If 8% of a number is added to it, the result is 810 what is that number?

A. 700

B. 750

C. 722

D. 745

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4.Which amongst the following is less than 1/5?

A. 8/35

B. 8/37

C. 2/11

D. 8/39

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5.A profit of Rs. 960 is divided between A and B in the ratio 1/3:1/2. The difference of their profit is:-

A. Rs. 120

B. Rs. 160

C. Rs. 192

D. Rs. 240

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6.How much time will be taken by a train 100 metres long to cross a pole at the speed of 40 km/hr.?

A. 9 sec

B. 10 sec

C. 9 2/3 sec

D. 9 1/2 sec

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7.A chord of length 16 cm is drawn in a circle of radius 10 cm. The distance of the chord from the centre of the circle is:

A. 8 cm

B. 6 cm

C. 4 cm

D. 12 cm

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8.If in ∆ABC, DE||BC, AB = 7.5cm, BD = 6cm and DE = 2cm, then the length of BC in cm is: 

A. 6

B. 8

C. 10

D. 10.5

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A. 200

B. 450

C. 250

D. 350

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10. In a city, 40% of the people are poor. If total population of city is 30,000 then find the number of rich people-

A. 20000

B. 18000

C. 12000

D. 12500

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