Physics Practical Class 12 Pdf Download

The CBSE Physics Practicals for Class 12 play a crucial role in assessing students and contribute to the final marks of the subject.Students should pay attention to the Class 12 practicals, which carry 30 marks, as well as the compulsory CBSE Physics syllabus as the board exams draw near.Adequate preparation for the practicals can lead to better scores in Physics.To have a complete comprehension of the ideas in CBSE 12th standard Physics, students must become familiar with all of the experiments listed in the syllabus.For their convenience, students can get the Physics Practical Class 12 PDF Download.

The Physics Practical for Class 12 is structured into two sections, with marks allocated based on the experiments conducted. Section A comprises six experiments in the practical exam. The experiment records and activities carry 2 marks, while the viva on each experiment holds 5 marks. In this resource, students will discover all the experiments and activities to be performed in both Section A and Section B.To access the Physics Practicals Class 12 PDF Download.

CBSE Class 12 Physics Practical Marks Scheme

Students will have 3 hours total to complete their work, and the practical exam will be worth 30 points.

Two experiments, one from each section 8+8 Marks
Practical Record [Experiments and activities] 7 Marks
Viva on experiments and activities 7 Marks
Total 30 Marks

The majority of such experiments are included to Physics Practical, which explains a concept’s foundations.Examples include tests on resistance, AC/DC measurement, etc. from the chapter on electricity.For Class 12th State Boards, CBSE, CISCE, ICSE, and NIOS Board, the following Physics practicals have been added:

This list comprises the experiments for the Class 12 Physics Practical

  • Determination of resistivity.
  • Finding resistance using a Meter Bridge.
  • Verifying the Law of combination (Series & Parallel) using a Meter Bridge.
  • Comparing EMF using a Potentiometer.
  • Finding the resistance of the Galvanometer.
  • Converting Galvanometer into Voltmeter & Ammeter.
  • Determining the focal length of a convex lens, concave lens & convex mirror.
  • Determining the angle of minimum deviation of a prism.
  • Drawing I-V characteristics for PN Junction Diode in Forward & Reverse Bias.

How can I write a step-by-step Physics Practical?

You must take the following actions in order to write the Physics practical exam:

  • The experiment’s goal and object must be written down first. It enables the purpose of your practical to be determined.
  • The names of the equipment utilized for the experiment are then written.
  • The theory that will be applied in the practical is written after the names of the necessary apparatus. Detail the theory that the experiment was conducted utilizing in your writing.
  • A diagram is created if one is needed to describe the experiment.
  • The procedure for conducting the experiment is provided in the next step. The experiment was successful since the protocol specifies a wide range of items.
  • Following the proper execution of the experiment, it is time for observation. The results of the experiment are documented, and an observation table is also created.
  • After creating the reservation table, the computation is completed, and the outcome is obtained.
  • The following stage involves writing the outcome.
  • Things to remember and safety precautions for the practical are written down at the end.

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