PFRDA Grade A Preparation Books for General Stream 2022

PFRDA Grade A Book PDF 2022 for Phase I & Phase II Exam (General Stream), PFRDA Commerce & Accountancy Book PDF, PFRDA Grade A  Management, and Finance Book PDF. A Complete Book for PFRDA Grade A (Assistant Manager) 2022 (VOL. I) of Commerce & Accountancy, Management, and Finance. As we all know The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA) has released the PFRDA Grade A 2022 Notification for the recruitment of Grade-A Posts (Assistant Managers) across the country.

This is a great opportunity for those who want to become a PFRDA Grade A Officer. Here you can get the selections easily if you read out the PFRDA Grade A Books 2022  which we mentioned in this post. Hope you are preparing well and grab your selection as an Officer. Now PFRDA Grade A aspirants looking for PFRDA Grade A Preparation books for Phase I & Phase II (General Stream).  If you are serious about cracking PFRDA Grade A 2022 Exam, then you should put in all your effort towards it. Studying hard is required but studying smart is what can bring you success. The PFRDA Grade A Book PDF – Commerce, Accountancy, Management, Finance, Costing, Companies Act, Economics, and Pension Sector subjects carries 100 marks. Therefore, it will help you to fetch good marks in your total score.

 Preparation Book for PFRDA Grade A 2022

At Let’s Study Together (LST) we understand our student’s requirement and keep it in mind, So LST Team created a Very special “A Complete Book for PFRDA Grade A (Assistant Manager) 2022 (VOL. I) of Commerce & Accountancy, Management and Finance” to crack PFRDA Grade 2022. This PFRDA Grade A Book includes complete theory and Multiple Choice Questions with Answers to the Commerce & Accountancy, Management, and Finance sections. This Book was made by our experts after carefully examining previous years’ questions papers of PFRDA Grade A and is also useful for both PFRDA Grade A Phase I & Phase II Exam & Based on the latest Exam Pattern and Syllabus 2022 If you prepare this thoroughly, you can very easily crack PFRDA Grade-A 2022.

Important features of – PFRDA Grade A Book 2022 (VOL. I) Commerce & Accountancy, Management and Finance-

  • Prepare By PFRDA Grade-A Exam Experts
  • 120+ Theory Topics & 1100+ Practice Questions (Below section wise)
  • Commerce & Accountancy Theory Topics with 400+ Practice Questions
  • Management Theory Topics with 350+ Practice Questions
  • Finance Theory Topics with 350+ Practice Questions
  • Based on the latest Exam Pattern and Syllabus 2022
  • Useful for Both PFRDA Grade-A Phase I & Phase II Exam (General Stream)

PFRDA Grade A Preparation Book 2022 (VOL. I) – Commerce Accountancy, Management, and Finance (Content Index)

PFRDA Grade A 2022 Syllabus for Commerce & Accountancy, Management, and Finance

PFRDA Grade A Commerce & Accountancy Syllabus

  • Accounting as a financial information system;
  • Accounting Standards with specific reference to Accounting for Depreciation, Inventories, Revenue Recognition, Fixed Assets, Foreign Exchange Transactions, Investments.
  • Cash Flow Statement, Fund flow statement, Financial statement analysis; Ratio analysis;
  • Accounting for Share Capital Transactions including Bonus Shares, Right
  • Employees’ Stock Option and Buy-Back of
  • Preparation and Presentation of Company Final

PFRDA Grade A Management Syllabus

  • Management: its nature and scope; The Management Processes; Planning, Organization, Staffing, Directing and Controlling;
  • The Role of a Manager in an Organization. Leadership: The Tasks of a Leader;
  • Leadership Styles; Leadership Theories; A successful Leader versus an effective
  • Human Resource Development: Concept of HRD; Goals of HRD;
  • Motivation, Morale and Incentives: Theories of Motivation; How Managers Motivate; Concept of Morale; Factors determining morale; Role of Incentives in Building up Morale.
  • Communication: Steps in the Communication Process; Communication Channels; Oral versus Written Communication; Verbal versus non-verbal Communication; upward, downward and lateral communication; Barriers to Communication, Role of Information Technology.

PFRDA Grade A Finance Syllabus

  • Role and Functions of Regulatory bodies in Financial
  • Primary and Secondary Markets (Forex, Money, Bond, Equity, etc.), functions, instruments, recent developments.
  • Basics of Derivatives: Forward, Futures and Swap
  • Recent Developments in the Financial Sector
  • Financial Inclusion- use of technology
  • Alternate source of finance, private and social cost-benefit, Public-Private Partnership
  • Direct and Indirect taxes; Non-tax sources of Revenue, GST, Finance Commission, Fiscal Policy, Fiscal Responsibility and Budget Management Act (FRBM),
  • Inflation: Definition, trends, estimates, consequences, and remedies (control): WPI, CPI – components and trends.

PFRDA Grade A (Assistant Manager) 2022 Preparation Book  (VOL. II) – Costing, Companies Act, Economics and Pension Sector

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